Update: Customer gets satisfaction from Red Rock Hyundai after bad deal is exposed; dealership wants blog about his experience taken down

The $9,000 in extra charges Red Rock Hyundai included on a 21 year old customer’s contract without his knowledge or approval. After this deception was exposed and the customer confronted the dealership, they removed these charges and gave the customer a satisfactory new deal on an entirely different vehicle. See the bottom of this article for who to contact to get satisfaction if you’ve been ripped off by a Red Rock dealership.

The 21 year old customer of Red Rock Hyundai featured in a December 29 blog about the horrendous way the dealership treated him during his purchase of a used mid-sized truck reports that after almost two months of dealing with the situation, he has finally gotten full satisfaction from the dealership.

It wasn’t without a fight, though.

After the blog about his plight was published, the customer returned to the dealership with his father to press for concessions beyond the $4,500 the customer said the dealership had previously paid him “to essentially stay quiet about the deal.” As a result, the dealership took the problematic truck they initially sold him back as a trade-in, gave him a decent amount of money for it, and then sold him an entirely different vehicle for what the customer also considered an appropriate price. The dealership also removed the $5,000 charge for the extended warranty that the customer said he never wanted, and the $4,000 charge for a “Resistall” coating that the customer also didn’t realize he’d been charged for.

Happy now

The $5,000 charge for “Portfolio,” the dealership’s name for a proprietary extended warranty. The customer was unaware that the $5k charge had been added to his original contract.

The customer says the dealership has “taken care of everything, really,” and he is now completely happy with his deal, but he also confided that in the course of offering these concessions, the general manager of the dealership pressured him to ask AnneLandmanBlog to take down the December 29 article about how the way he had been treated, and especially the part where he had accused them of forgery. The customer told AnneLandmanBlog that the manager even threatened that they “were going to take the blog to the police and report us for saying they forged the documents.”

It emerged recently that forgery has apparently been an issue at Red Rock dealerships for some time, with others, both customers and employees, reporting they have encountered it.

The customer in this case told AnneLandmanBlog in a conversation on 12/28,

“I know for a fact I didn’t sign these two papers, so I believe they just traced my signature off of another paper, considering I’ve got a very simple signature, so it would’ve been really easy for them to do, so they did. They took advantage of that, they just took advantage of the entire situation, of me being a young kid, my grandma not being there…”

He also told AnneLandmanBlog that since having this experience, he has changed the way he signs his signature, to make it harder for it to be forged.

Beyond that, it’s difficult to believe a 21 year old just starting out in the western Colorado job market would agree to buy a $5,000 extended warranty AND a $4,000 Resistall coating when purchasing a used vehicle, particularly with his grandma as co-signer.

It is highly commendable that the dealership finally did right by this customer…

…but people shouldn’t have to encounter illicit or deceptive behavior during a transaction for a vehicle at these dealerships at all, and once they discover that they have, they should not have to endure a months-long, stressful, nightmarish struggle to finally get a fair deal, like this and other customers have had to do.

Instead, a better idea would be that these dealerships start carrying out every single transaction fairly and with total honesty and transparency from beginning to end, instead of putting people in our community through these awful experiences.

As long as these dealerships’ illicit behaviors keep coming to light, AnneLandmanBlog will keep telling the western slope community about them. It’s only fair that customers know the tricks and deceptions they must be watchful for when doing business with these places. Otherwise, consumers won’t get a level playing field at these dealerships.

If you have been tricked or deceived by these dealerships, they are now attempting to make it right, but they can’t help you if they don’t know about you.

Here is the contact information for who to tell your story to, to ask that you be made whole:

If you dealt with Red Rock Hyundai, GMC or Honda, contact platform manager Bryan Knight at (801) 792-3711 or bryank@tdauto.com.  If you did business with Red Rock Nissan or Kia, contact platform manager Brantley Reade at (801) 915-0929, brantleyr@tdauto.com


  13 comments for “Update: Customer gets satisfaction from Red Rock Hyundai after bad deal is exposed; dealership wants blog about his experience taken down

  1. The dealership obviously wants this story to go away as-

    – There are dozens or hundreds of other questionable transactions which haven’t yet been challenged

    – they are worried about a State investigation

    – they are worried about lost revenue

    The ONLY WAY that this story should fade away is with criminal charges for forgery, fraud, etc

    Did the owner & management fire anyone? Did they openly call on the State to clear the air?

    • Since the worst corporate entities in this city have paid off the Sentinal by ads and “sponsored content” sections. Don’t expect the Sentinal to report or investigate anything that bites the hand that feeds it.

  2. I would never go to any Red Rock dealership. I don’t trust them to do the work they said they would do and making a deceptive wrong right and expecting a customer to believe they have integrity is crazy. Hope they sell and move out of town. Bought my vehicle at Montrose Ford/Nissan and was treated with respect, trust, and professionalism.

  3. Anne, absolutely excellent work to investigate, document, and report on these questionable business practices. What amazes me is the attempt at creating revisionist history, just because they got caught and made it good. The anemic, almost nonexistent coverage from the local “mainstream” media also defies explanation. One little story from the December 18 Sentinel is all I’m able to find.

    Continued best wishes for the new year.

  4. I wouldn’t say it’s “commendable” at all. Isn’t forgery a felony? I’ll say it again. The Sentinal is an absolute joke of a newspaper. The people who masquerade as journalists there should be fired and they should start over with people who have a clue as to what is journalism. Much like other corporate entities that run this town, what’s going on at red rock has been far from a secret.

  5. This whole chain of unethical behavior has prompted me to look for a vehicle outside this 5 dealership area and when I did visit the dealership I mentioned that they had developed a pretty bad reputation. This community is small, lesson:
    You should not shit in the nest.

  6. Fantastic Anne. How many blogs can do such a thing as you pulled off here. Very impressive and congratulations to you.

  7. Keep it up Anne. It will take some time for most of the population to learn about these dealers, mostly by word of mouth. Since extended warranties are insurance, it seems this is also a case for the insurance commissioner since the DA and AG want to avoid these cases and leave them to the dealer licensing board.

  8. We cheated. We got caught. Please don’t tell anybody about us.

    I hope the bad press follows them for years. They deserve it.

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