Second criminal investigator brought in to help with Red Rock investigations

AID Investigator John Bulman (Photo: Golden Police Dept)

The Colorado Department of Revenue’s Auto Industry Division (AID) has assigned a second criminal investigator to help the with the Red Rock dealership cases.

The first investigator looking into Red Rock is Dale Sundeen, who’s been with the Colorado Department of Revenue since 2008 and has been the agency’s western slope investigator for over ten years.

The additional investigator is John Bulman, who joined the Auto Industry Division in 2022 (pdf) after working for the Golden Police Department, where he was awarded Golden Police Officer of the Year in 2020.

Auto Industry Division Investigators must be peace officers with prior investigative experience. They investigate criminal activity involving motor vehicles, violations of local, state and federal statutes, rules and regulations, activities involving organized crime, conspiracy, securities fraud, criminal impersonation, theft, defrauding secured creditor(s), forgery, perjury, odometer fraud, title fraud, and more.

Dale Sundeen (Photo: LinkedIn)

The Auto Industry Division is currently shorthanded, with several vacant job openings (pdf, organizational chart) for criminal investigators around the state, which underscores the significance of the agency concentrating its scarce resources on this investigation in Grand Junction.

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  3 comments for “Second criminal investigator brought in to help with Red Rock investigations

  1. Joyce Neighbors
    I traded in my 2020 Explorer at Red Rock Nissan in October 21 of 2020. When I decided on the Frontier 4×4 SV truck, never in my life did I think that I’d be second thinking anything. When I was in the financial department I was
    never given hard copies, only was to receive a thumbdrive with said all paperwork on it. I never saw any paperwork that I signed. I also didn’t know that I was going to be paying 10k for the truck. I thought that I was just financing the extended warranty. They first asked me for 8k dollars but never explained what it was for. They finally settled for 1k. But no one said anything about the paying 10k extra for the truck. I called them and set up an appointment with one of the other financial guy who printed out my paperwork. Only then did I see that I was charged 899.00 for oil changes. I told him that I didn’t know that I was being charged for this. Because I had ended up having to pay for the first oil change. This was just a bit of a shock to think that I had found out about what I had actually was paying for. They tried to say that because I hadn’t paid the loan off (which I had), the money was going to be going back to the creditors. Guess they call to finally verify that I had paid the loan in full. They also told me that the original financial guy had given me the thumbdrive which he hadn’t. I was never offered a hard copy of the contract. But this was only my second time in my life to purchase a new vehicle. I’m not happy how things had happened but figured it was too late.

  2. I have been researching fully electric cars and have found Hyundais and Kias well-rated. Unfortunately, until the Red Rock untrustworthy enterprise leaves Mesa County, I would not buy, or have serviced locally, one of those vehicles.

    Your extensive research and dissemination of personal accounts have been, and are a public service. I encourage readers of this blog to urge their friends to subscribe.

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