New info about “Tammy Bailey” emerges during Tina Peters’ obstruction trial

Cory Anderson (center) helped Tina Peters (L) set up a cell phone under Tina’s alias, “Tammy Bailey,” the person Tina told police was the actual owner of her IPad. The woman on the right is Cory Anderson’s wife, Jacqueline Anderson, who is the former First Vice Chair of the Mesa County Republican Party. (Photo: YouTube)

New information was revealed about “Tammy Bailey” during Tina Peters’ obstruction trial, which just concluded yesterday afternoon. The jury is currently deliberating.

The case started in February, 2022 after Tina propped up an IPad in a courtroom to record a hearing for her former employee, Belinda Knisley. Recording in the courtroom is prohibited. After Tina was spotted apparently recording the proceeding against Court rules, she was questioned about it but denied recording. The District Attorney then issued a search warrant to collect her IPad to see if she had in fact recorded the hearing. Law enforcement caught up with Tina at Main Street Bagels, where they handed her a search warrant for her iPad, but she refused to turn it over, telling police it wasn’t hers, and claiming it belonged to “Tammy Bailey.” As the police reached for the IPad, Tina handed it off to someone else and made a scene. Police handcuffed her to arrest her for obstruction and she donkey-kicked at one of the cops who was trying to restrain her. Tina also insisted that she didn’t know the passcode to the IPad because it was Tammy Bailey’s, and told the police they’d have to contact Tammy Bailey to get the passcode.

But during the trial we found out “Tammy Bailey” doesn’t exist. It is an alias Tina created. Her lawyer claimed she created the alias “Tammy Bailey” for “security reasons.”

Jacqueline Anderson (L), Cory Anderson (R) and Sherronna Bishop (rear, in black tank top) on Pillow Guy Mike Lindell’s private plane heading to Lindell’s cyber-seminar in South Dakota in August, 2021.  

Cory Anderson, a fellow election denier and political ally of Tina Peters, testified during the trial that he had helped Tina set up a cell phone in the name of Tammy Bailey.

Cory Anderson is the person who in January, 2021 gifted House Rep. Lauren Boebert with a Glock pistol that was illegally engraved with a Congressional seal and that exceeded the maximum value an elected official is allowed to accept as a gift.  Cory’s wife, Jacqueline Anderson, is the former First Vice Chair of the Mesa County Republican Party.



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  1. Charles Ashby tweeted: Tina Peters acquitted of obstruction of a peace officer, but guilty of obstruction of government operations.

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