Newly-appointed Board of Public Health member is anti-vax, anti immigrant, anti-gay extremist

Stephen Daniels, an extremist and anti-vaxxer the Commissioners just appointed to be Chair of the Mesa County Board of Public Health (Photo: Facebook)

A person the Mesa County Commissioners appointed to the Board of Health yesterday, Stephen D. Daniels, is a strong supporter of anti-vax conspiracy theorist and presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. (RFK), according to his social media accounts. Posts on the same sources also reveal Daniels is anti-immigrant, anti-gay, anti-Disney, and a climate change denier who opposes Colorado’s new family and medical leave law, which gives workers paid time off to care for a new baby or a loved one who has a serious health condition.

Presidential candidate RFK, whom Daniels supports, opposes vaccines that prevent dire illnesses in children and adults, like polio, measles and smallpox. In 2017, Scientific American wrote that “For more than a decade, Kennedy has promoted anti-vaccine propaganda completely unconnected to reality,” and if his anti-vax advocacy “leads to even a small decline in vaccine rates across the country, it will result in the waste of untold amounts of money and in all likelihood, the preventable deaths of infants too young to be vaccinated.”

Other equally alarming posts show Daniels is a Trump supporter who believes January 6 was a peaceful day at the Capitol, who openly detests Democrats and doesn’t believe professionals like plumbers, barbers or realtors should be licensed. He also believes the current ethically-plagued Supreme Court is functioning “exactly as it’s supposed to.”

His conspiratorial views about Covid-19 and vaccines agree with those of Commissioner Janet Rowland, who promoted QAnon- linked conspiracy theories about Covid-19 while running for commissioner in 2020.

Stephen Daniels by all accounts appears to be a dangerous extremist conspiracy theorist who is inappropriate to serve on a taxpayer-funded Board of Public Health, just like Rowland herself.


June 30, 2023 Facebook post by Stephen Daniels

Spreading Anti-Fauci Covid-19/Hunter Biden conspiracy theories, 2023


Stephen Daniels’ anti-Disney Facebook post, June 24, 2023. The Disney Corp. is committed to diversity, equity and inclusion in its workforce, movies and theme parks.


July 3, 2023 anti-LGBTQ Facebook post by Stephen Daniels

“CCP” stands for “Chinese Communist Party” — Daniels posted this Tucker Carlson TikTok video on July 1, 2023

Stephen Daniels “DOJ caught lying about January 6” Facebook post, March 15, 2023


Stephen Daniels retweets anti-Fauci conspiracy memes. Fauci led the country through the Coronavirus pandemic as head of the National Institutes of Health Allergy and Infectious Disease office


Many people have the misconception that “gain of function” research means intentionally making an organism more deadly. That is incorrect. That is not the goal of gain of function research.

Hyperbolic Twitter post by Stephen Daniels from 2019. Individuals and families are “dying from illegal immigrants”?


Daniels opposes paid family and medical leave for workers

Stephen Daniels’ Facebook post about the U.S. Supreme Court, June 30, 2023

  32 comments for “Newly-appointed Board of Public Health member is anti-vax, anti immigrant, anti-gay extremist

  1. Only the craziest right-wingers looking to elevate their status among their deranged ilk are going to step into these positions now…that is until these County Commissioners realize they’re gambling political futures to weakly win a few small ideological battles of their losing culture war to “own the libs” (esp as the voting demographics shift blue across Mesa County and these die-hard old conservatives quite prove the contrary). But the BoH appears largely an admin/policy role that is only really suited for a healthcare professional anyhow; so these nutjobs are just there to spin their wheels on rhetoric and virtue signaling at Janet’s behest. But since such people/patsies have an absurdly short attention span and proudly poor understanding of how local gov functions, the only thing this board is going to accomplish is destroying itself and draining the public coffers in doomed legal battles. So at this point, since Janet Rowland has proven so hell-bent on a crusade to delegitimize local government and dismantle public services via a network of entrenching cronies she specifically hired (like Todd Starr) to do her bidding; much like the Tina Peters debacle, it seems like we must all simply bear witness and be ready with sweep them all from office (ethics investigations?) to then rebuild everything back with the kind of checks & balances that should have been there in the first place to prevent such a corrupt political takeover. But at least we may find some solace in the idea that this could be last gasp of the GOP here as they desperately try to cling to power here, since it’s plainly clear that a cut-of-your-nose-to spite-your-face approach has replaced any attempt at strategic thinking for the future.

    There are (actually) also Sane & Intelligent people here that don’t need to read the unhinged rambling of trolling fools like Frank Little. So in his delusional world were faith supersedes facts: perhaps he either should find another echo-chamber to scream nonsense into or just join approve-only comment list like the dearly departed Alice.

    • Sadly the vast majority of folks are not that tuned into these events so I unfortunately predict that Janet and the rest will hold on to their power for the foreseeable future. I hope I’m wrong.

    • True.Patriot (without a name), doesn’t know me, my background, anything at all about my faith, has no understanding whatsoever about where this (our) country is heading, my intellence, Just applies meaningless names and foolish statements along the way. I am not delusional by any stretch, no not even radical. I seek and write about reasonable solutions which you (the far left) have no interest. We sane and intelligent folk know from the the outset (realize) that we are dealing with very evil people (Soros, Obama, Biden, Harris). They are truly the enemy of America and freedom. Let’s hear your solutions to problems created every day by you, the liberals and progressives In the meantime, I hope that you know the difference between boys and girls. The U.S. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION is statement after statement says “No”. And pushes transgenderism every day, hurting our kids..

      • Yes Frank, we hear you loud and clear. Your command of the issues at hand humbles us. We should all be as “intellience” as you.

      • Little Frankie is just another GOP howler monkey, full of garbled words and self-righteous fury, and unsurprisingly obsessed with little children and other people’s genitals.

      • Frank, you’re inability to spell “intelligence” correctly yet somehow perfectly blurt out every lizard-brained Faux News talking point really speaks volumes here. Thank you for your (cult) service, now politely buzz off back to whatever turd pile you’re currently worshiping.

  2. MSNBC recently reported that RFK jr. was influential in getting Samoa to spend their childhood vaccination campaign for measles, which lead to an outbreak that killed 83 people (approx. population 200,000) in 2019. His own family has denounced his anti-vax views.

    The BOCC is really scraping the bottom of the barrel with this one. His social media posts show him as unprofessional and unhinged.

  3. the concern is Janet Rowland and the power that three member county board has. We need to push for a five member board and remove this fanatic

      • Typical conservative. Board won’t fire someone over your petty grievances? Fire the board and your own cronies in place.

  4. And there are recent observations that the DeSantis pledge to – Make America Florida was wavering !
    Well, not in Mesa County.

  5. Thank you for showing his posts all together like this. I can’t believe it! I have so much empathy for younger people with families these days. Especially in this town. Move some Liberals here please! I must friend or follow him so I can be a heckler and let off any kind of anger stored.

  6. There are sane, intelligent folks in our community that believe that our government is out of control, we believe that our creator is in full control of our climate, that Obama, Biden, John Kerry, Al Gore are idiots and wish to destroy our freedoms and yes, our country. We are not radicals by any stretch, just posses common sense and are God fearing.

    • Frank,

      You say our government is out of control. You say your creator is in full control. Can’t you see the contradiction? If the creator has full control, then how could the government be out of control?

    • Hiding behind your Sky Daddy is not productive. Our problems in this community could give a sh*# about your Sky daddy. We need common sense people on the board of health, not conspiracy theorists.

  7. The County Commissioners bias is evident by this selection. They try to keep it low key but they are right wing political hacks as this shows. They may want to make it less obvious, or not, as they seem
    destined to do whatever they want. I am surprised they did not appoint some industry oil and gas cronies!

    • But wait, didn’t Janet say that they now want to add two more and make it a board of 7. There’s still time to get the oil and gas cronies on the board of health and if Janet the almighty has her way, they will be added in a matter of months.

  8. Geez. Could our commissioners dig any deeper into the crazy faction of GQP politics in Mesa County?

  9. This is the stuff that gets GJ & Mesa County into the National News.

    What does Mr. Daniels do for a living?

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