Tina Peters is again begging people to pay for her legal defense “to save America.” She’s also encouraging churches to break federal law and promoting jury nullification, which could help keep her out of prison

Tina Peters on Rumble.com on 7/18/2023, telling lies and begging for money

In a July 18, 2023 video posted on Rumble.com — the online video platform right wing extremists turn to after being banned from YouTube and Facebook — indicted former Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters optimistically starts off a half hour interview by saying “I always have a smile on my face because I know the best is yet to come.” She explains why she just fired her criminal defense attorney, Harvey Steinberg. She told her attorney,

“If you can’t get me off on two misdemeanors, how are you going to fight seven felonies and three misdemeanors?”

She added, “Nothing was being done on my case,” and there “were too many questions.”

In April, a jury found Tina guilty of obstruction of government. A judge sentenced her to a $750 fine, 120 hours of community service and 4 months of home detention. Her next trial, scheduled for October, 2023, is on seven felony and three misdemeanor charges related to election tampering — charges that, if she is found guilty, could bring serious prison time.

$900,000 for her new legal defense team

Tina talks about her new defense team saying,

“But, now hold onto your hats, guys — it’s going to be $900,000 for my new legal team.”

She says she’s not discouraged by that figure because “The guy who choked out that assailant on the subway was able to raise $3 million in a short amount of time.” She says, “I don’t even have a parking ticket,” and “They’re coming for senior citizens. I know there’s patriots out there that love this country that don’t want to see a 67 year old Gold Star mom, who all I was doing is preserving election records. They just didn’t like that I exposed the belly of this beast.”

At 13:53, she urges churches to violate the Johnson Amendment, enacted by Congress in 1954, which “absolutely prohibits” 501(c)(3) organizations, including churches, from engaging in any political campaign activity.

“Fifty percent of church-going Christians don’t even vote….Somebody told me today that the churches, they were afraid of losing their 501(c)3. You cannot lose your 501(c)3! You CANNOT! A church automatically has that designation. It’s not like they apply for it, or are awarded it. It is an act of separation of church and state. You have that. If you’re a pastor out there, you need to stand up. You need to start speaking to your congregations the truth, because you will be held accountable just like all these other judges, and attorneys, and D.A.s, law enforcement officers, I don’t care who tells you. If your boss tells you you need to go arrest a 67 year old woman, like in my case when they unlawfully arrested me in that coffee shop, you question it back, and if it means you lose your job, then guess what? God has something greater for you. “

A rape video?

She talks about the night she spent in the Mesa County Jail, saying “They came in…the doors were loud and they call your name like they hate you.” She says  while she was in jail “They asked me if I wanted to watch a rape video. Yeah, they were trying to intimidate me,” and adds, “They took me into the nurse’s station and they were getting ready to give me a needle to give me something…I refused.”

Screen shot from Tina’s website

She says she’s going to start a “Merch” section on her new website, TinaPeters.us, saying “Everybody can wear a shirt and give $5, $10, $100” to her legal defense fund “to save our country.” She believes they put you in jail on your birthday on purpose “because they know your date of birth.”

Twenty five minutes into the interview, she says “We have to vote for President Trump because he will pardon our J-6ers,” and she again mentions her website for donations.

Tina continues to insist that the 2021 Grand Junction municipal election was manipulated. 

Encouraging jury nullification

In a February 1, 2023 post her Truth Social account, she encourages potential jurors to inform themselves about jury nullification.

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, “Jury nullification occurs when jurors, based on their own sense of justice, refuse to follow the law and acquit a defendant even when the evidence presented seems to point to an incontrovertible verdict of guilty.”

If there is enough evidence at her next trial to convince a jury that Tina is guilty of multiple felonies, jury nullification, or a jury going rogue on her behalf, might the only way she could avoid prison time:

  5 comments for “Tina Peters is again begging people to pay for her legal defense “to save America.” She’s also encouraging churches to break federal law and promoting jury nullification, which could help keep her out of prison

  1. Crazy how the party of “law and order” is so keen to open their wallets to support the defense cases of numerous criminals (Trump, Rittenhouse, Peters, Penny).

  2. She’s pulling out the dirty play book and is not missing a beat. Jury nullification? She’s really sinking low. She should start a new show when she goes to the slammer – Desperate Jail Wives.

  3. Bwahahaha!!! Geezus – too much, and Boebert and Theobold and King and Rowland and all right wing nut cases that populate this red sea.

  4. Tina lost her first case not because her former lawyers could not beat it, but because no lawyer could beat it. This was an easy case for prosecutors. The felony case against her is overwhelming and she has little hope of being acquitted. The world’s greatest lawyer cannot win a case just because the lawyer is great—if the facts are overwhelming, you usually lose. Jury nullification is not permitted and judges warn juries they must follow the law even if they don’t like the law. Tina is desperate—facing most of the rest of your life in the slammer does put people through changes. Tina has wrecked her life and will have to face that. She will probably get a shorter sentence because of her age—seniors are expensive to jail because of health issues—but she will eventually be a resident of Cañon City.

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