Buell Theater surveillance video shows Boebert vaping & giving an usher the finger as she walked out

House Rep. Lauren Boebert’s campaign manager, Drew Sexton, told the Washington Post in a September 13 article that Boebert wasn’t vaping inside the Buell Theater at a performance of the musical Beetlejuice, as theatergoers around her had told security, but that the appearance of smoke came from “heavy fog machines and electronic cigarettes” used during the show, “so there might have been ‘a misunderstanding from someone sitting near her’.”

But video shows there was no “misunderstanding.”

Sexton lied to the Post.

Vape “smoke” coming out of Boebert’s mouth at the Buell Theater in Denver last Sunday

The video also shows Rep. Boebert giving ushers the middle finger as she was escorted out of the theater:

Boebert flips the bird to theater employees on her way out.

Even the disgraced and indicted former Trump attorney from Colorado, Jenna Ellis, wrote on Twitter that Boebert’s behavior at the theater was “embarrassing and disrespectful behavior from a sitting Congresswoman,” adding, “Good grief, Republicans. Do better.”

  6 comments for “Buell Theater surveillance video shows Boebert vaping & giving an usher the finger as she walked out

  1. Her behavior suggests she may have been a little tipsy too. That dress looked like it was ready for a stroll down E. Colfax. Praise God. Your christian brethren forgive you your sins. The theater audience, not so much.

  2. I wonder if her devout Christian followers are at all embarrassed by her open commiting of adultery, bearing false witness and her open sexually charged actions in a theater.
    My guess is that it won’t matter, a long as she mouths platitudes about supporting guns, water rights on the Western Slope and keeps on tweeting mean stuff about Biden and filing impeachment bills, without cause or actual evidence. they will continue to support her posturing, they do love those new kidneys..
    I guess she did have a little Democrat in her, at least on that night…

  3. Having long-since demonstrated that there are NO requirements to be a legislator, either state or national, the recently-enhanced CO US representative continued her headline grabbing. Is she a Republican, or something?

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