House Rep. Boebert and date Quinn Gallagher fondle each other in security footage from Buell Theater

Security footage showing Congresswoman Lauren Boebert appearing to fondle her date’s penis in a packed Denver theater as she puts his hand on her breast prior to being kicked out.
byu/Ace-Ventura1934 inPublicFreakout

After multiple requests, I’m posting this additional R-rated security footage showing Boebert’s date Quinn Gallagher fondling Boebert’s breast, and Boebert with her hand between his legs at the Buell Theater in Denver.

Please hide your children’s eyes.


  10 comments for “House Rep. Boebert and date Quinn Gallagher fondle each other in security footage from Buell Theater

  1. Brings back wonderful memories. Don’t get me wrong; I can’t stand Boobert, but must our lives be under surveillance everywhere? There’s a lot of hypocrisy here.

    • It is called Busted…and given the existence of world wide surveillance, they both knew the potential for being recorded was likely and it then became a Time and Place issue far more than a privacy issue.
      The hypocrisy lays w her and her hateful, meanspirited , pseudo christian attempted take downs of LGBTQ etc , etc.,etc.
      I wonder how he reconciles his purported “support “of a lot that is just Not Boebert w association w her?
      I got it, you could say he/she were “reaching across the divide”.

    • None of this would have come to light, if Boebert hadn’t acted like entitled trash.
      Let’s not try to make her the victim here.

  2. As you might expect from a septuagenarian, I’ve seen worse.
    I’ve imagined worse about Clinton and Trump. For any public official, it’s the wrong place, wrong time, maybe, but I see two folks with healthy libidos. I object more to what she says.
    For her children’s sakes, let’s put this to rest.

  3. Couple pbrs and her soon to be ex Jason will have a few stories to tell. Dying to know how much meth she actually smoked and how many fetuses she aborted…

  4. Yeesh. I often think about how similar Boebert is to Sarah Palin: the mean-girl persona, unwed teen pregnancies, alcohol-fueled domestic violence, holier-than-thou proclamations, the whole bit. But giving her date a handie in a crowded theater while watching a family-friendly musical puts her in a class all her own.

    Good thing she firm opposes things that she says will “sexualize” children, though, right?

    • To me it is sad to give such a person the power to try and impeach President Biden. She is an uncouth elected official our uneducated people voted for twice. Where oh where are we going?

  5. Several people who have famous for various reasons have gone into porn movies after they weren’t so well known—that guy whose penis was cut off by his wife and maybe the woman who had eight babies at once, so BoBo has a new job opportunity some day. Trump can introduce her to his friend in the industry.

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