Rep. Boebert kicked out of performance of Beetlejuice at Buell Theater in Denver, with her date, who is reportedly from Aspen and a Democrat

Colorado House Rep. Lauren Boebert (R, CD-3), was ejected from a live performance of the musical Beetlejuice at the Buell Theater in Denver Sunday night after drawing three complaints from other patrons and getting issued a warning by theater security during intermission. She was accused of singing loudly, vaping and taking photos of the performance against theater rules.

Her getting the boot from the theater made national news.

Rep. Boebert gives the top of her super-tight strapless gold dress a yank while she and her date, Quinn Gallagher of Aspen, get escorted out of the Buell Theater in Denver last Sunday night due to unruly behavior. The couple was ejected for being overly loud, vaping and taking photos during the performance in violation of theater rules.

There was extensive surveillance camera footage taken of them from the time security officials approached Boebert and her date in the audience and told them they had to leave all the way through their walk out of the theater complex, during which Boebert gave a sweet, happy little twirl for her date.

Boebert’s dating a Democrat!

Boebert’s date was reported by several news outlets to be Quinn Gallagher, a 46 year-old divorced father of a 16 year old son, who is also reportedly a registered Democrat and co-owner of the Hooch Craft Cocktail Bar in Aspen, Colorado, whom she has reportedly been “secretly dating for months.” 

Boebert filed for divorce from Jayson Boebert, her husband and father of her four sons last April. In a statement about the divorce at the time, Boebert said “I’ve always been faithful in my marriage.”

Above is video of the happy little twirl Boebert did for her date, Quinn Gallagher of Aspen, after they got booted out of the Buell Theater for disruptive behavior and for violating theater rules by taking photos.

Lauren Boebert praying with her husband Jayson at her victory party in November, 2022. Boebert has heavily promoted her Christianity during her political career, and has pushed for religion to take over government. (Photo: William Woody, Colorado Sun)

Account of Boebert’s behavior from someone who saw it, as printed in the Denver Post

  10 comments for “Rep. Boebert kicked out of performance of Beetlejuice at Buell Theater in Denver, with her date, who is reportedly from Aspen and a Democrat

  1. For what it’s worth! There’s little doubt left in the minds of the voting segment that we the people have been and are currently on a toboggan sled steered by a young political want- to-be Rep Boebert, who never learned how to negotiate a bumpy ride! additionally, has more empty baggage than ‘American Tourister! I have too personally believe that the Representative’s political is now the apolitical with little or no dichotomy that could be considered salient. I think for the long term, Rep Boebert’s aspirations are in the crematory! Unfortunately, she just hasn’t informed herself of this to date[yet]… I had my own epiphany that hints to me that this is going to be a very, very cold November!

  2. Something smells a little ‘off’ here. This story comes just ahead of yesterday’s Politico infomercial claiming that Boebert is toning down her rhetoric – at least locally – ahead of the upcoming election. I don’t know how these 2 things might be connected but if she wants to be known to be connected to an Aspen democrat who isn’t Adam Frisch, it’s done.

  3. Live it up Girl, not many days left in office! Then your adolescent displays will only be your (and your sons’) degradation and not reflect on our lack of intelligent voting. Even dark money won’t bet on an obvious loser in this race.

  4. It appears his parents are Democrats, but he is unaffiliated. Is she living in Aspen now with him? Will his bar suffer a loss of business in liberal Aspen? Does she dance at the bar, or at least do twirls? Now that Louis Gohmert is gone from the House of Representatives, we have to content ourselves with BoBo. Some information came from the Daily Mail in Great Britain—that’s how famous we are, even though they got this guy’s party affiliation wrong.

  5. It was also reported that she threatened the staff with “do you know how I am?” and “I’m on the board.”
    Don’t know if they DID know who she was, but she lied about being on the board. She isn’t.

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