Tina Peters reduced to advertising kitty litter on her internet TV show

Tina Peters, broadcasting her internet TV show, “The Tina Peters Show,”  from an RV on Christmas night, 12/25/23

Former Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters spent the evening of Christmas, 2023 hunched over in a RV in the dark broadcasting her internet TV show, “The Tina Peters Show,” over wifi from an undisclosed location. She told viewers that for her, Christmas “is always a little bit quiet because the criminals have taken most of my family.” She interviewed an anti vaxx, anti-mask, election-denier conspiracy theorist-attorney from Oregon, begged viewers to donate money to help fund her personal support and legal expenses, warned viewers against taking vaccines, promoted fake Covid-19 cures and treatments, expressed her hope that “the scales would fall from the eyes” of Mesa County District Attorney Dan Rubinstein and the judge in her criminal case and both would undergo a Biblical awakening within the next 6 weeks before her criminal trial starts on February 9, see the error of their ways and drop all of the charges against her, since in her own mind she’s done nothing wrong.

Tina complained, “They want to put me in prison for being a whistleblower.”

It was pretty much a normal night forTina.

What was new is that sponsors for Tina’s show are now a kitty litter company and purveyors of a MAGA-themed playing card deck called “Donor Deck” in which Trump is portrayed as the King of Clubs, holding what appears to be a Bible, his two sons, Don Jr. and Eric, as the Jacks, Melania as the Queen of Clubs, and D.O.J. Special Counsel Jack Smith, the special counsel who is prosecuting Trump for trying to undermine the 2020 election, as the Joker. The pack of cards costs $45.00.  Profits go equally to Trump’s dark money PAC, the Make America Great Again PAC, and a PAC that supports disgraced former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.

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  1. anne’s blahhg will be a forgotten Ghost in the Wayback Machine

    While Tina Peters will have bronze statues honoring her in Town Squares ,
    books detailing how a corrupt State and their sycophants tried to break her down
    But Peters endured & turned out to be one of the Smooth Stones
    that brought down a modern Goliath

  2. Do you know if Tina’s trial will be on video so people can watch like her hearing was when her and her accomplice were in jail? Thanks.

    • Yes, Tina’s criminal trial should be livestreamed. Google “Mesa County Court docket” and look for the video link to Judge Matthew Barrett’s courtroom. The trial is scheduled to start on Feb. 9

  3. Unbelievable! Lame comparison! There is a grave difference between the skill of an investigative journalist to a dim witted bleach blonde dame that knows not what she does, or whether it is right or wrong. She is a D.J.T. copy cat.

    • I don’t think Tina is dim-witted. I actually think she’s a cunning and calculating grifter, an actress worthy of an Oscar, and an industrial grade liar who has managed to milk huge amounts of money from thousands hard working people across the country. And despite her pleas in videos that she is now stone cold broke, she has at least four attorneys working on her various legal cases who charge at least $400 an hour each. And she just spent $70k on that nice RV.

    • The bizarreness of the story, Tina’s massive incompetence while in office, her amazing example of how a lack of education in a single person can cost taxpayers so much money and so much grief, the outlandishness, persistence, depth and breadth of Tina’s lies, the appearance she gives her supporters that she’s a martyr and saint and that what she did was perfectly in line with her job as clerk, the huge amount of money she pocketed illegally while in elected office by trading on her lies and deceit, the way she exploits her supporters for cash, her rise to becoming a national spectacle, the almost total lack of justice in this case and the fact that Mesa County Republicans could have voted in such a person in the first place when she displayed zero qualifications for the job, and their refusal to recall her from office when given a chance, I find fascinating, like a true crime novel.

    • Some people would rather not know this true outlandish report of Tina. Some of us don’t skim the surface nor look below the surface of anything. Sweeping dirt under the rug or ignoring the elephant in the room is part of their lack. Tina is a wanna be like Trump wanna run the town however she can.

  4. Her strategy may be to go for an insanity plea. She’d still be behind bars, but the state mental hospital is more civilized than a women’s prison.

    • Tina actually addresses this in many of her videos. On numerous occasions she has assured her audiences that she’s not depressed, she’s not suicidal, her mental status is fine and she’s completely in charge of her faculties. So it appears she’s already undermined the chance of pursuing an insanity defense, but you never know. For somebody as difficult to defend as Tina, who has already admitted that she has engaged in activities deemed to be illegal, her lawyers could try to pull anything possible at the last minute to keep her out of prison.

  5. Not sure there is a discernable difference between Ann Landman’s blog and Tina Peter’s videos…two private citizens expressing their opinions…with the notable difference of kitty litter advertisement.

    • Bravo Harry! I’m sure Tina appreciates your patronage just we all do here. With such crapping of commentary here, perhaps its more notable you’re willing to cat around this blog without even a sponsor!
      Though maybe the devil has been hiring more desperately slow-witted, conservative advocates lately.

  6. How catty this has all become.

    If Tina is in an RV, who is living in the house she took from her ex husband? Is she in the state, our has she left without the court’s permission?

  7. How many people even watch this channel? I’d venture to guess you don’t have much going on if you’re tuning into Tina Peters’s Internet channel, though Anne’s write-ups are entertaining and provide good insight into the mind of these extremist whackos who want to blame everyone else for their poor behavior.

  8. Maybe Tina can get her like-minded cronies at District 51 schools to buy her litter for all the students that identify as cats.

    • Listen, Fox News. There aren’t any kids identifying as cats. That’s just part of the outrage propaganda that keeps you tuning in. Get a hobby. And for God’s sakes, turn off the television. It obviously isn’t helping your fragile self.

  9. If she had just done the job she was elected to do and done it competently, she wouldn’t be selling kitty litter from an undisclosed location and asking for divine intervention.

    • Tina’s forgotten a critical fact about Trumpsters; their blind, slavering, slack-jawed loyalty is to Trump, not his sycophants. They’re all expendable and forgettable.

      Happy Scoopin’, Tina.

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