Tina Peters remains defiant, now portrays her criminal case as war on Christians

Many defendants who are facing an imminent trial on criminal charges might start showing remorse and contrition, but not former Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters.

In a rambling 27 minute interview on rumble.com on “The Matthew Dark Show” on December 13, former Mesa county Clerk Tina Peters continues to be defiant, insisting publicly that she did nothing wrong or illegal as Clerk when she copied voting machine hard drives and exposed the information at an election denier conference. She says what she did was required as part of her job, that she’s a whistleblower, what she did was “totally legal” and she’s being persecuted politically just because she’s trying to “tell the truth.”

At 6:09 in the video, she says her legal battles have nothing to do with Democrats or Republicans, and says,

“They’re coming after Christians. They’re coming after our Constitution. And when I say ‘they,’ these are global elitists that want to take down America because they cannot do what they want to do for a one world government until they do that.”

Tina says Mesa County District Attorney Dan Rubinstein is acting “in bad faith to punish me” because in 2021 she “made a forensic image of the Mesa County Elections Management server — totally legal.” She claims she’s the victim of a joint effort by U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland, Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold and D.A. Rubinstein (“the elitists”) who are coming after her because of “what we’ve uncovered.”

Tina Peters’ “Truth Social” profile photo. Tina tried to link herself to Donald Trump, who is facing 91 criminal indictments across four jurisdictions. Tina’s criminal trial is scheduled to start on February 9, 2024.

Still lying

She continues to lie to her followers about elections, saying the recount in her run for Colorado Secretary of State was “done illegally.” She tells viewers “You know, they kicked me out of my office illegally. You cannot remove an elected official from office.” She says this even though she was never removed from her elected office. A Court order kept her from serving as the county’s Designated Election Official or have anything to do with elections while she was in office, but Tina remained in office for the duration of her term as Clerk, and continued to collect her full $93k/year salary plus benefits until her term was over.

Tina says election workers routinely “flip” votes and that voting machines changes people’s votes after election workers go home. She says during the election for Secretary of State, “we saw votes flipping all over.”

She predicts that in 2024 “they’re going to try to get everybody afraid” by using Covid, MonkeyPox and “false flag” operations to control people and so “they” (the “elitists”) can keep people from assembling. She says, “You can go to a liquor store but you can’t assemble at church with other people.”

Near the end of the interview, Tina tells viewers, “Keep the faith. We are not done yet. We’ve got the goods on ’em,” and there is “more to come,” but says she can’t talk about that right now.

The host of the interview, Matthew Dark of rumble.com, has only 74 followers and as of 12/31/23 this particular show had gotten only 333 views, but that is 3-5 times more than the number of views this host typically gets for his shows, showing Tina remains popular among the election conspiracy set.

DEFIANT – Tina Peters shows off her “Jail Jena” [Griswold, Colorado SOS] T-shirt in a video show of 1/1/2024] recorded in her RV. In this video, she calls D.A. Rubinstein a “rotten attorney” who “contrived a way to get my husband [to sign] a divorce decree.”

  9 comments for “Tina Peters remains defiant, now portrays her criminal case as war on Christians

  1. Tina could neither literally nor figuratively come up with a more tired excuse for her legal troubles than Christian persecution. It was just as weak a thousand years ago as it is today. Sooner than later though, she’ll find out this holy war doesn’t find much sympathy in the courtroom…although the consequence of prison time will be a bit lighter than what befell her Crusading heroes let alone her own personal lord and savior.

  2. When all else fails, pull the Religious card, which she’s getting pretty good at. Does she have to report to the IRS how much money she received in donations? I would love to know how many suckers are out there?

  3. She is a poster child for our local GOP and I’m hoping they write to her in jail. They are all are dancing on the edge of reality.

  4. I have long thought that losing her son tipped her over the edge. I hope when she is convicted, that she gets the mental health treatment that she so desperately needs. I actually feel sorry for her, and the scariest part is the followers of a deranged conspiracy theorist that don’t recognize her illness because it serves their purposes to use her.

    • And she is likewise using her followers for financial support, while at the same time lying to them. Exactly like Trump and his supporters. That seems to be where she learned the shtick of playing the victim, denying responsibility for her actions, over- dramatizing, blaming others, cooking up conspiracy theories, begging for money, etc.

  5. How did someone as unhinged, narcissistic, self-serving, completely detached from reality, and illiterate in matters of the presidential election process as Tina Peters ever become a County Clerk?

    • Four words: Mesa County Republican voters. The same way we got Janet Rowland, Lauren Boebert, Steve King, Craig Meis, Jared Wright, Rick Brainard, Reford Theobold, Ray Scott, etc., etc.

  6. Grifters must grift.
    Criminals must crime.
    Faux Christians must faux.
    Peters must Peter.

    And THAT’s in the Bible!

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