There’s a seat on Grand Junction Regional Airport Board up for grabs

Want to gain some influence in town, and have a voice without having to get elected? Here’s another chance to do just that.

With self-declared “deplorable” Grand Junction City Councilman Duncan McArthur leaving his his seat on Council, yet another position besides his Council seat has opened up: a seat on the Grand Junction Regional Airport Authority.

The seat is currently being offered to the public, albeit quietly.  You have to dig a little to find information about the vacancy and how to apply, but the page with what little information there is about the airport board is here.

If you’ve ever wanted a say in local matters, want to exert some positive, “non-deplorable” influence in town and had an interest in what goes on at the airport, this is your chance.

A seat on the Airport Board and is not as time consuming as being on City Council, but you still would have quite a bit of responsibility and influence. The Airport Board is responsible for setting policy and overseeing the operations of the Grand Junction Regional Airport. The Airport Board usually meets on the third Tuesday of the month in the airport’s third floor conference room. A list of the dates the Airport Board will meet throughout 2019 can be found here (pdf). The Airport Board makes decisions about airport finances and construction, matters involving TSA, FAA grants, air service, what to do with that crazy boondoggle of a half-built building sitting on airport property and other matters.

The open seat is an at-large position, meaning anyone is eligible who lives and pays taxes in Mesa County. Applications will be accepted until, 5:00 PM on Friday, June 21, 2019. There is only one at-large seat on the seven-member Airport Board, and the final decision will be made by the Mesa County Commissioners and the Grand Junction City Council.

To apply for appointment to the Board, submit a letter of interest accompanied by a 2019 Board Application (pdf) and a brief resume addressed to the Grand Junction Regional Airport Authority, c/o Board Clerk, 2828 Walker Field Drive, Grand Junction, Colorado 81506. Alternatively, submissions can be sent via e-mail to




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