Kathryn Bedell, DVM enters County Commissioner race for District 1

Kathryn Bedell, DVM, of Fruita, running against Ray Scott for County Commissioner, District 1

Don’t want Cody Davis or Ray Scott as Mesa County Commissioner?

Well now you finally have a better option.

Mesa County voters finally have a real candidate running for District 1 County Commissioner.

Kathryn Bedell, DVM, announced on March 26 that she is running for the District 1 Mesa County Commissioner seat.

Educated, intelligent, well-informed, fiercely pro-agriculture and pro local-economy, Dr. Bedell is the best candidate so far for County Commissioner District 1.


Who is Kathryn Bedell?

Dr. Bedell is a large animal veterinarian, self-employed livestock producer and local meat seller who lives in Fruita. She owns the Roan Creek Ranch and operated the Roan Creek Ranch Grocery in Fruita, which specialized in selling locally-produced products, for 6 years. She opened the store in 2014 and recently sold it.

Kathryn got her bachelor’s degree in biology from Mount Holyoke College, a master’s degree in biology specializing in animal behavior from the University of California Los Angeles, and got her D.V.M. (Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine) from the University of California, Davis. She has taught adaptive horseback riding, served on the energy advisory board in Garfield County, and has been an advocate for local food. She is also currently our area’s representative on the Colorado Agriculture Commission.

In 2004, Bedell served on the Garfield County Energy Advisory Board.

In 2008, Bedell put a conservation easement on 280 of her 400-acre picturesque Roan Creek Ranch (pdf) north of De Beque to assure it will always be used raise livestock. Bedell owned land that was split-estate, meaning she owned the rights to the surface land, while a drilling company owned the subsurface mineral rights. This led Bedell to testify before the state legislature in 2005 for a law to give landowners the right to negotiate a surface land use agreement before any drilling could take place on split-estate land.

Dr. Bedell puts her money, time and effort where her mouth is when it comes to helping the local agricultural producers and economy in Mesa County

She has dedicated substantial personal time and effort to coming up with viable ideas for improving local agricultural policy and advocating for the financial well being of the ag community.

She is an ideas person.

In 2018 she got funding for, and completed a feasibility study about forming a local cooperative to establish and operate a facility to handle processing of 200 animals per day in the Grand Valley. The idea was for the cooperative to give local livestock producers a way to market their own products under a unified label, share the profits and keep all the business local.

Dr. Bedell has given public presentations about the importance of local, sustainable agriculture.

Scott, Davis disappoint

The other candidates for District 1 Commissioner are State Senator Ray Scott, a spelling-and-grammar-challenged, low-information candidate who has been embroiled in multiple lawsuits during his time in the legislature, and who spent over $25,000 in taxpayer money to settle one of them last year. The other candidate is Cody Davis,  one of the same old anti-government, back-to-yesterday, no-new-ideas type who typically run for office around here.

Mesa County government has been dysfunctional for so long under the usual Old Guard political regime. Until now the quality of the field of candidates for county commissioner has promised more of the same. But Dr. Bedell is a breath of fresh air. We shouldn’t miss the chance to elect her to the County Commission for some long-needed beneficial change in Mesa County.

Want to help Kathryn get elected? Want to donate or volunteer to help her campaign? Visit her website at KathrynForMesa.com,


 To donate to her campaign, make checks out to “Kathryn Bedell for Mesa County” and send to:

  Kathryn Bedell for Mesa County

  c/o Karen Hayashi

  535 Bookcliff Dr.

  Grand Junction, CO 81501

  5 comments for “Kathryn Bedell, DVM enters County Commissioner race for District 1

  1. Your ad with the old woman, don’t go bad mouthing the republicans , I find very offensive! Just like all the other democrats, the only way you can win an election is trashing the other party. I can only hope and pray that you don’t win the election!!!

  2. County Commissioner District 1 Results:

    Cody Davis – 231 votes [Advanced to the June 30th Primary Ballot]

    Ray Scott – 107 votes [Advanced to the June 30th Primary Ballot]

    Jacque Stafford – 9 votes [No advancement]

    What surprised me is the strength of Davis against Scott. Are Republicans losing their love for Mr. See/Hear/Speak Nothing, but writes incoherently through ghost writers like Ludlum?

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