Former KKCO weatherman Butch McCain now shilling for anti-vaxxers

Former KKCO Channel 11 weatherman Butch McCain, who was fired last October for refusing to get vaccinated against Covid-19, stands in front of a fake weather map in a video promoting the anti-vax group Stop The Mandate GJ

Former longtime KKCO weatherman Butch McCain, who was fired from KKCO last October after refusing to get a Covid-19 vaccine in compliance with his employer Gray TV’s Covid-19 vaccine policy, is now promoting the anti-vax group Stop the Mandate GJ, which is encouraging others in our area to also refuse the vaccine.

McCain now appears on the first page of StoptheMandateGJ’s website, talking in front of a fake weather map and saying in part,

“It’s not about Covid any more, it’s about forced compliance…Let’s be the resistance to their nationwide tyranny…


Companies and employees enjoy loads of benefits from a fully vaccinated workforce

Mesa County coronavirus case count is higher than ever been before, in part due to the area’s lax attitude towards observing health precautions and because of Mesa County’s extraordinarily high population of unvaccinated people

Requiring employees to get vaccinated against Covid-19 helps companies fulfill their legal obligation to provide a safe workplace. Vaccine policies also keep the workforce healthy by reducing the number of employees who get COVID-19 and reducing the length and severity of cases in employees who do contract the virus. Such policies help protect clients, customers, and visitors from getting sick with Covid, they reduce the time employees must take off for doctor visits and reduce extended employee absences due to Covid. All of this also improves not just workplace safety, but productivity and workplace morale.

More than 572 million doses of Covid-19 vaccines have been given in the U.S., and 9.72 billion worldwide. Side effects usually include minor problems like pain at the injection site, fever, and aches and pains, which typically disappear within a couple of days.

McCain was born and raised in Texas and once starred on the 1969 TV comedy sketch show Hee Haw. After 20 years at KKCO, he is now looking for work as a voiceover actor.

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  1. The unemployed weatherman should do voiceovers with videos of fellow anti-vaxxers who are intubated and, therefore, can not speak for themselves.

    • He has used innovation to further his career and shared some of his recent ads with me in an email. He is not unemployed. I admire his principles, and values of his own body, by asking to have any condition covered from the vaccine, which was denied him. The vaccine has proven to be an experiment. For example, Seth Meyers had all his shots, then tested positive, had asymptomatic reading, had to record outside of studio. So, anyone can catch it from a vaccinated person. Another friend just got her first jab and got Covid four days later. A focus needs to be on treatments and making an improved! vaccination. Also stricter guidelines to keep the economy running. But no, our Freedumb lovers don’t want to wear a mask, stand away or persevere in trying to nip it in the bud. Schools could be putting up shields, focus on breathing outdoors once an hour for five min., encourage immune boosting, invest in air circulators like at my dentist office. No! it’s all about this fool!proof vaccine.

      • Susan, you are misunderstanding how vaccines work. Vaccines are not force fields, they do not guarantee you won’t get infected. They prime your immune system to recognize the virus so you will have a less severe case if you do contract it. Also, one shot of a multi-shot series will not confer protection. It takes about 2 weeks after your second shot for protection to kick in. The vaccines are not experimental. They have gotten full approval from the FDA for use in adults 16 and up. Modern science has many decades of experience in designing vaccines. The new vaccines are highly effective at preventing death and keeping people out of the hospital.

      • As far as being infected by a vaccination person and the comments that are being expounded by many, studies from both the U.K. and Norway indicate that a vaccinated person is 62% less likely to infect a unvaccinated person than a unvaccinated person to infect the same.

  2. “Let’s be the resistance to their nationwide tyranny…” translates into “let’s show our stupidity and lack compassion for our fellow Americans and cause unnecessary pain, suffering, and loss in our nation, state, and community and unbearable stress on our healthcare workers and systems and help to prolong this virus’ virility and our nation’s subsequent inflationary economic trajectory!”

  3. Thank you for all the work you’ve done with this, Anne. … What are some of the anti-vaxxers afraid of? … Many of them are looped into QAnon’s goofy conspiracy theories about vaccines. Others, in the alt-right Christian group have been against vaccines for years, believing that they cause major health problems. This group was already not getting their kids vaccinated, and this is a rather large demographic population within the (especially) southern Baptist Christians and a very large number of nondenominational evangelical Christians.

  4. Forecast: A strong upper-level wave of misinformation over western Colorado resulting in increased cases of COVID infections with potential for high numbers of fatalities.

    Standing up for our right to catch COVID, and to infect others if necessary to protect our own freedoms.

  5. That’s clever, to use a meteorological map as a background, to subtly remind people they’re listening to a trustworthy source for medical advice –
    A former local weatherman.

  6. You can’t find this their information on Facebook since they have been banned as of Jan 7th. That’s what happens when posting dangerous lies and misinformation about covid-19 that can cost lives.

      • You are correct that it is a private group. However, the blog on their website shows a picture that the group has been disabled by Facebook for not following community standards. They are complaining that they have been “censored and removed” from Facebook. Take care.

  7. Thank you for your hard work exposing these people and informing us about them. I cannot understand how any sane and intelligent adult can be this afraid of a simple vaccine. Then again, maybe they aren’t sane or intelligent. After all, they’re letting their politics make medical decisions for them and not science/medicine. What exactly are they afraid of? How do they think their so-called freedom is being infringed upon if they have to get vaccinated? I do not understand their mentality at all.

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