D-51 School Board President Andrea Haitz belonged to anti-transgender Facebook group

Screenshot of members of the transphobic Facebook group, Reboot 2022, taken on Wednesday, May 11, 2022, after which time her name was removed.

A May 13, 2022 Daily Sentinel article discussed the outrage District 51 School Board President Andrea Haitz’s recent anti-transgender social media posts generated among people in the valley. 

In her own defense, Haitz told the Sentinel she didn’t mean the memes to be hurtful, and that she “has gay and lesbian friends.” Haitz said the “memes had been misunderstood” because “people don’t always understand satire,” and said that people “made up what they thought I meant by it.”

But people didn’t make up anything, and they most definitely did not misinterpret the intent of Haitz’s posts.

How do we know?


Buried deep inside the article was additional information that affirmed Haitz’s transphobic intent, thanks to Heidi Hess of One Colorado, who provided it to the Sentinel:

Until May 12, Haitz belonged to the public Facebook group REBOOT 2022, a right wing group whose members seek to “Bring back Home Education,” and who believe “[Black Lives Matter] and antifa have threatened physical violence in Mesa County” and that they are “terrorist organizations.” REBOOT 2022’s moderator and administrator is Cindy Ficklin, according to the Sentinel.

In addition to the above parts of their online mission statement, which are distinctly racist, another line in Reboot 2022’s mission statement is a directive that clearly affirms the group’s institutionalized transphobia:

“Transgender is not an option. It’s the greatest blow to equal rights for women in America in 245 years.”

Haitz belonged to Reboot 2022 until Wednesday, May 11, when her name was suddenly removed from the group’s member list amid the scrutiny she is currently drawing over her transphobic posts.

But while she removed her name from the online group’s member list and told the Daily Sentinel she wouldn’t post any more memes as long as she was D-51 School Board President, she did not apologize to District 51 parents and Mesa County citizens, nor did she say she would make an effort gain a better understanding of transgenderism as part of the human condition, nor did she promise to treat transgender students and adults with compassion and respect.

Reboot 2022’s mission statement includes a transphobic statement, in addition to the racist comment that the Mesa County Black Lives Matter group is a “terrorist organization.”

  15 comments for “D-51 School Board President Andrea Haitz belonged to anti-transgender Facebook group

  1. Haitz has said she was inspired by recent legislation in Florida that critics have dubbed the “Don’t Say Gay” bill — now a law — that bans many discussions of gender identity and sexual orientation at school through the third grade. Should have been a red flag then!

  2. Yowza. It’s blatantly obvious that Reboot 2022 cannot or will not be stressing language skills in its vision for SD51. And our School Board president embraces these borderline illiterates? I fear for Mesa County youth.

  3. How in the world does the west slope, “Back Range,” Messedup County with Grand Junktown as its county seat ever hope to move on and up and attract high level professionals with children and families when we have abhorrent school district and governmental leaders like this? Not only embarrassing, but damaging to our communities’ futures.

    • Excellent point. Also, how can this county encourage companies that need a highly educated workforce come to a county that would rank 41st among states in percent of those over 25 with a college degree (28.2%). The only education level that Trump won in the last election were those with only a high school diploma or high school dropouts (like Boebert).

  4. Self professed “Christians” like Haitz and her cronies don’t seem to think Jesus’s direct admonishments apply to them. If they did, they’d spend a lot more time addressing the logs in their own eyes rather than picking at the specks in others’ eyes —- on Facebook.

  5. Individuals can be identified by finger prints, eye scan, dental records, or DNA. There is no longer a need to check the male or female box.
    Maybe this “identity box” should be “Helper or Leech.” Andrea seems to have one understanding of the world which doesn’t help.

    • *** Strawman alert! Extinguish all flames of reason! ***
      NObody logical is hung up merely on a check box of some form .

      But allowing middlin born male athletes to exploit their natural physical advantages, to leap to the top of the born female pack, simply by declaring themselves ‘women’ (after their failure in their own ranks is obvious) destroying the achievements & goals of natural born women. (like a ~480th ranked male swimmer suddenly becoming #1 in the Nation by donning a onesy)

      or excusing deviants their unfettered access personal spaces like bathrooms, locker rooms, while simultaneously destroying the rights, privacy and personal reservations of natural born women who already inhabit that space.

      Wasting resources ( for small instance, funding tampax machines in the Boy’s Lavatory)

      is totally ludicrous to all but the most delusional zealot.
      And ruining the view of the vast bulk of society to legitimate “liberal” causes, btw.

      It may be acceptable for born-women to enter the born-men’s categories; prove your ability , resign yourself to try to punch above your class, by all means! But of course this action is extremely rare , as it of course is dis-advantaging one self.

      Create a Trans Catagory in sports, few will complain
      ( and watch it wither on the vine due to disinterest…)

      You simply dont get to ignore your DNA . Better luck next time.

      If someone refuses to accept themselves AS THEY ARE ,
      why should I be expected to accept them as they IMAGINE themselves to be ?

      I’ll hush now, I love the smell of libs exposing themselves as contrived fools.

      • This is why modern-day Republicans are so fond of hate;

        They need an “other”, someone who’s different, that they can feel comfortable abusing, maligning, and marginalizing. Hell, you can’t mention anything close to tolerance without hearing, “What are you, a (insert marginalized group here)?” usually followed by some kind of gross reference or sexual innuendo…these God Warriors sure do love to get naughty.

      • One thing I’d be interested in understanding is why men haven’t been worried before about (male) rapists in restrooms, they being a much greater proportion of people who would assault women like me. Men are much more apt to hurt me than any “deviants”. It’s sad that womens’ safety is not really the concern. In fact I just dont understand how a trans man or woman is any threat to me at all. I’m still just as hetero as I will always be. I “get” that the very idea bothers people but I dont understand practically how it affects me…

  6. How did the community not know this about Haitz before she was elected? Would it have made any difference?

    • I don’t think it would have made a difference because it seems that Mesa County Republican voters choose candidates who hate the people they hate.

    • Tom: Mesa County Republicans knew, and, thanks to the former one-term president’s normalizing hatred, knowingly voted for Ms.Hates (sic) and her “conservative” colleagues. Nationwide, antidemocratic Neanderthals are hijacking school boards.

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