Like Enstrom Candies? You might want to re-think that. They’re one of Boebert’s biggest donors.

Enstrom Candies is Lauren Boebert’s 4th biggest donor. Source:

How computes donations from an entity.

GovTrack officially lists Colorado House Representative Lauren Boebert as a participant in the January 6th, 2021 attack on the U.S. Capitol by Trump supporters. She has had zero accomplishments while in office. Instead, to cover that up, she lied to her constituents and took credit for

Enstrom Candies, a favorite coffee shop, ice cream shop and candy factory in downtown Grand Junction, is Boebert’s 4th biggest donor

accomplishments achieved by Democrats. She supports Putin and Russia with her votes. She embarrassed all of Colorado with her shocking outbursts at the 2021 State of the Union address by President Biden, shouting out loud at him while he was talking about his deceased son. She openly insulted a group of Jews who were visiting the U.S. Capitol. She made homophobic comments about Transportation Secretary Pete Butigieg about his taking parental leave to care for his two newborn twins.  Boebert made bigoted jokes to intentionally disparage a Democratic colleague. She challenged a wheelchair-bound House colleague to a sprint. She mocked the death of a 42 year old cinematographer who was accidentally killed on the set of a movie by a firearm. Boebert wants government to take orders from the church. She has openly promoted the white supremacist myth of “replacement theory” that is leading to more mass shootings in the U.S. She voted against a bill to help Americans get easier access to baby formula.

She was out promoting herself in a pink car with “1776” on it at a car show when I-70 through Glenwood Canyon was shut down completely due to a massive debris slide, creating a national emergency. She can’t pronounce  words correctly. She accepts illegal campaign contributions. Officials at Memorial Regional Hospital in Craig, Colorado accused her on national TV of costing lives because of her ignorance about health care policy during the pandemic. She appeared at a local GOP event with a colleague who is accused of helping cover up sexual abuse. She sought to get reimbursed for enough mileage to circumnavigate the globe 1.5 times.

With a track record like hers, Lauren Boebert would be hard to beat as the worst House Representative in history. Even more embarrassingly, she is our Representative here on the western slope.

Yet, incredibly, her fourth biggest donor is Grand Junction’s very own Enstrom Candies, which has given her $11,600, according to, a website that tracks campaign finance.

Source: Federal campaign donor report, public information


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  1. I stopped supporting and shopping at Enstrom after you published the story about the Lauren Boebert/Jim Jordan fundraiser that was held here last year. Also at that event was our real estate agent (we had just bought a house). More recently when I bought a condo for my elderly mother, I made sure not to work with that individual again and instead worked with a wonderful agent that has more progressive and inclusive views. It might not make a difference to their businesses, but I don’t want to be funding the Republican party’s hate-fueled agenda, even if indirectly.

  2. I am thoroughly disappointed in Enstrom’s and will no longer patronize them. I am also thoroughly disappointed/disgusted with the Fruita Area Chamber of Commerce who will be hosting this national embarrassment at their State of the Community Breakfast next month. The actual state of our community would be much healthier without her, yet they choose to look to her for… inspiration? Intelligence? Influence? Laughably sad Fruita.

    “Please join us on June 1st from 7:30am-9:30am for the FACC State of the Community breakfast featuring US Congresswoman Lauren Boebert, Senator Ray Scott, Representative Matt Soper, Representative Janice Rich, Mayor for City of Fruita, Joel Kincaid, and Mesa County Administrator, Peter Baier, as they provide updates on how this past session will affect our businesses and community.
    The event will take place at AP Ranch (1351 Q Rd.) in Loma. Registration is required and space is limited, please RSVP at or call or email 970-858-3894″

  3. After years of strong reasons not to patronize Enstrom, support of Madame LaQ is the best reason to just say no to Enstrom.

  4. Reminds me of all the propped up, bogus ‘best seller’ hype for fake conservative pundits- from Limbaugh to Palin to OReilly, Hannity, Beck.. etc. “Best Seller” only to find out that 1000s of these farcical ‘books’ were purchased en masse- NOT at book stores or the like.

    $$$ anted up to promote attention- then the books were ‘given away’ as ‘a gift’ for donating to some wacko political candidate or cause.


    BoBo has already been busted (not referring to her implants) for violating campaign finance laws.

  5. Technically it wasn’t Enstrom Candies which donated to her campaign (federal campaigns are still prohibited from taking corporate contributions.) In this case, it was just a few people who claim Enstrom as their employer. Now I haven’t looked up her quarterly filing (which would list the names) but I’d strongly suspect their last name is Enstrom…

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