Lauren Boebert mocks the death of 42 year old woman accidentally killed by prop gun on film set

Halayna Hutchins, a 42 year old cinematographer killed by the accidental discharge of a firearm on a New Mexico film set. She left behind a husband and 9 year old son. (Photo: Instagram)

Denver news anchor Kyle Clark in a commentary November 17 on his show “Next, with Kyle Clark” said journalists are holding Republican Colorado House Rep. Lauren Boebert to a lower standard than every other legislator because:

“If we held her to the same standard as every other elected Republican and Democrat in Colorado, we would be here near nightly chronicling the cruel, false, and bigoted things that Boebert says for attention and fundraising.”

So in an attempt to keep up with Rep. Boebert’s avalanche of cruel and vile behavior in the name of fundraising, here’s a recent one for you, and it’s about as cruel as you can get:

On November 20, Boebert posted a photo of herself on Twitter at a gun show in Pueblo wearing a T-shirt that made fun of the accidental death of 42 year old Ukrainian cinematographer Halayna Hutchins, who was fatally shot October 21 when a prop firearm accidentally discharged during production of the western movie “Rust,” starring Alec Baldwin.

Baldwin had been handed the gun by an assistant director, who assured him the gun was “cold,” or contained no live ammunition. Baldwin was practicing drawing the gun for the movie when it discharged a live round, hitting Hutchins in the abdomen. It has not been determined how or why the firearm contained a round of live ammunition.

Hutchins was just 42 years old, and an accomplished cinematographer and in the prime of her career. She left behind a husband and 9 year old son.

Boebert thinks this is very funny.

Colorado House Representative and gun worshipper Lauren Boebert, grinning while she makes fun of the accidental death of Halayna Hutchins, a cinematographer who was killed by a prop firearm that accidentally discharged a live round while being handled by actor Alec Baldwin. Baldwin had been told by an assistant director that the gun contained no live ammunition. (Photo:Twitter)

  4 comments for “Lauren Boebert mocks the death of 42 year old woman accidentally killed by prop gun on film set

  1. Belligerently ignorant, mean-spirited, and completely convinced she’s righteous.

    You gotta give her credit; she’s a perfect representation of the vile idiots who voted for her.

  2. Lauren Boebert knows this T-shirt is out of line. However all gun safety class instructors say when someone is handed a gun, that person is responsible to double check if the gun is loaded. Any one who wants to handle guns needs to know this rule along with how to check if a gun is loaded.
    Lauren Boebert who may or may not know or understand this rule had a chance to express remorse for the death and then to emphasize this important safety rule. Lauren Boebert missed a chance to strength responsible gun ownership, instead she used the opportunity to insult someone which is pointless.

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