Court rules Republican County Clerk candidate Julie Fisher is not competent to run elections, either, and was complicit in Peters debacle

Julie Fisher, who is a candidate for Mesa County Clerk and Recorder in the Republican primary June 28th. The judge found she has insufficient experience to run elections and was complicit in the Tina Peters/Belinda Knisley capers.

On Tuesday, May 10, 2022, District Court Judge Valerie Robison granted an injunction that prohibits Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters and Deputy Clerk Belinda Knisley from running  elections through 2022, making it the second year that the two top officials in the Mesa County Clerk’s Office have been barred from having anything to do with elections.

No less important, though, were Judge Robison’s findings about current employee in the Clerk’s office and Republican candidate for County Clerk Julie Fisher, whom Tina Peters had dubbed her “Second Chief Deputy Clerk.”

Robison found Fisher did not have adequate experience in handling elections, hadn’t taken the election training provided by the Secretary of State and that the position Tina had appointed Fisher to, “Second Chief Deputy Clerk,” was a fake position.

The Court ruled “there is no statutory provision for the position of “Second Chief Deputy Clerk” in the Clerk and Recorder’s Office.

Essentially, Tina invented the “Second Chief Deputy Clerk” position to do an end run around the County Commissioners and the Court, and appoint her own hand-picked person to perform her job in her and Knisley’s absence.

But Judge Robison wasn’t having any of that.

On page 11 of the 36-page ruling, which is available to read in its entirety at Colorado Newsline’s website, Judge Robison wrote:

“On or about December 30, 2021, Peters appointed Julie Fisher as the ‘Second Chief Deputy Clerk and Recorder.’ This was not a position contained in the ‘authorized position listing’ for authorized employees of Mesa County. Fisher had been originally hired to work in the Motor Vehicle Division of the Clerk and Recorder’s Office in 2020 and had little experience conducting an election. Fisher’s election experience consisted of having worked during the 2006 election in Adams County verifying signatures and doing new registrations. In 2008 Fisher had also worked as an election judge [poll worker]. Other election experience Fisher had was minimal and she acknowledged that she had never conducted an election. Additionally, Fisher testified that she had never been a DEO [Designated Elections Official], had never been an Election Director, and had never held any job with the word ‘election’ in the title. The criteria used by Peters to appoint Fisher as the ‘Second Chief Deputy Clerk and Recorder’ was not explained. [Director of Human Resources for Mesa County] Ms. [Brenda] Moore  testified that Fisher is not listed as ‘chief deputy’ of the Mesa County Clerk and Recorder’s Office, second or otherwise. Instead, Fisher is an hourly employee that was hired to work in the Mesa County Motor Vehicle Division.” 

Indicted Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters (L), and Belinda Knisely (R)

On page 34 of the ruling, Robison points out that “Fisher has not completed the election training offered by the Secretary [of State]…”

…and on Page 8, Robison discloses that Fisher was complicit in helping Knisley evade her suspension from the workplace and orders from the County to stay out of any secured areas and stay away from the Clerk’s Office entirely:

“Fisher facilitated Knisley’s entry into secured area, not questioning why they were using Fisher’s security access and not Knisley’s. Fisher stated she knew Knisley did not have a key card that would be necessary to get into the secured areas. Despite knowing that Knisley had been suspended two days prior and without an access card to get into the secured area of the election offices, Fisher testified that she ‘did not know’ that Knisley was still on administrative leave of August 25, 2021.”

The Court’s findings that Fisher helped facilitate the Peters-Knisley debacle, Fisher’s dishonesty, lack of experience and failure to obtain the required training in running elections, all indicate Mesa County residents are in for more Tina Peters-style trouble if Fisher gets elected as County Clerk. All this and a willingness, even eagerness to circumvent laws and rules, are the very same characteristics that have gotten us into the mess we’re in now with Tina and Belinda.

Frankly, all of the information revealed about Fisher in this Court ruling serve to completely undermine’s Fisher’s credibility as a candidate, and make it clear that she is unsuitable to serve as County Clerk. It also gives good reason for Fisher to just drop out of the race entirely.

P.S. – So who WILL be running Mesa County’s elections in 2022? Robison appointed Brandi Bantz, the county’s Elections Director, to oversee this year’s elections, saying she is “clearly more qualified” than Fisher, the order says.

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  1. When did the Republican Party of Ronald Reagan & Gen Eisenhower suddenly become the Party of Lies & Disinformation?

    The GOP used to embrace the brightest & the highly educated, now they’re the PARTEEEE of – Boebert? MTG? The Pillow Dude? Newbie representatives who suggest that cocaine orgies are the norm among their ranks?

    Or- a 2020 RNC which has NO platform, no statement of goals or beliefs (aside from re-electing their anointed one & accepting anything he says as ‘gospel truth’).

    Or- a RNC which, according to Repubs, admits that trump is an idiot but fears speaking out in public.

    And seriously- Boebert? A GED dropout? Multiple arrests, zero grasp of fiscal responsibility or of the US Constitution. Her failed record of zero performance (but copious tweets) is NOT acceptable.

    Embracing the Pillow Dude’s lies re ‘computer forensics’ is not acceptable- ZERO PROOF.. zip. Day after day, week after week- and now, months after months- NOTHING has been presented which actually passes for common sense or true science. They put the SIGH in science.

    Even trump’s initial attorney said that her assertions were just political posturing. And all these dolts who still carry water for the con artist- you are the ones who are being duped.

    • Non sequitur, multo? Overjoyed you outgrew your straw man allergy. snif.
      Deplorables know where to stick your absurdist insults.

      now do 2000 mules .

    • When the GOP let the Moral Majority take over, they traded their genuine conservatism for the slavering, mindless, slack-jawed loyalty of people who are addicted to self-righteous hate in the name of their God. They will do anything, say anything, and overlook anything if you just tell them that God says it’s okay be as evil as they want to be.

  2. When you zoom in on her pic, does it not look like coke remnants by her nostrils’ undercarriage area? Or maybe it’s MyPillows’ MyFeathers. Who could say.

  3. Thank you for your thorough research and citations.

    I suspect that there are few Peters and Fisher fans who are willing to read a 36 page judicial report.

    Why bother with fact when they can work solely on opinion?

    • ***Warning: this comment contains false information pertaining to Colorado’s elections.***

      have you read the report analyzing the illegal actions taken on Mesa election servers by Dominion under the shadow of Griswold based on forensic copies of the election servers ?

      have to search Mesa Colorado Report , cos the facts get censored here in favor of the guilty protesting their innocence

      • Mr/Ms 2000 Mule Skinneer, please provide a link to the “Mesa Colorado Report,” so we can all see what you imply supports some alleged unlawful act by Dominion.

        • With pleasure, Mister Bill, however the people behind this site censor such links, have repeatedly . I imagine they think People don’t deserve to see information, can’t think for self, they can think FOR you better, so shaddup, etc etc … Censors, as we know, basically admit they are terrified by certain information spreading & have no real counter argument, so their reply is to ban, a total antithesis to the fundamentals of “liberal” attitude.

          but lets see, sometimes fits of honesty overtake folks, lets see if they censor / delete again. As for me, I have faith that the more people know, the better they can contribute to Society and I also believe most people can navigate the web for self maybe with just a little push …

          soooo , try (just for 1 instance) this link to Section 3

          I believe the reports are public domain, searching the titles & topic words should be fruitful, searching terms “MESA REPORT” on telegram , just for instance , yields links to all sections of the report

          there exists a 1 page brief summary to the time strapped,
          only one source of many of that document is


          note – replace the word dot with a … dot ! for a functioning link

  4. January 18, 2022 Mesa County Commissioners agreed that Tina Peters would be removed from ALL election duties & that Brandi Baentz would replace her for 2022 primary. A 1-2 hour video feed accompanied the article. Video featured various constituents speaking for several minutes each. W/o exception the constituents who spoke manifested magical thinking & other symptoms of personality disorders. Peters spoke, & exceeded her time allotment, as well. Peters lied & bragged about herself then spent the rest of her time lying about election fraud & “defective” voting machines, etc. Although Peters appeared to believe her own b.s., she’s a very well paid liar. She bought her Fruita house, escrow closed, about 4-5 months after November 2020 election w/a large down payment. Guess you already know what she’s doing to her soon to be ex-husband re “transferring” title to herself for $1.00 consideration. She’s as bad as Bimboe vis-a-vis criminal history- though Bimboe’s seems to be rough trade redneck trash crime while Peters’ criminal record is mostly “white collar.” Rebekah Mercer in particular via kevin mccarthy have been feeding both Peters & Bimboe. The extent of this corruption which DEFINITELY qualifies for RICO Act(more severe penalties) is why it’s urgently dire that we view Jan.6 hearings BEFORE June 28. Luckily they responded w/June 9 date. Since i stopped sleeping normally since last August 10 when Peters went AWOL when news of her crimes broke….I put the sleep time i wasn’t getting to good use. I worked so hard for so long to get Peters on the radar of people in vital places in the food chain. During this time, it was a long “whack-a-mole” of constant meshugge corruptions sent to cover up & distract from other corruptions…..There’s reason to suspect Bimboe is from the Khazar region of the Crimea Russia Federation. McCarthy was sussing out your district for ground zero of Putin/Trump style evangeliban-fascism since 2009. Hopefully we’ll hear all of it. We deserve all the answers. Brandi Baentz should be the election clerk in charge of June 28 for republicans in Mesa County. Good idea to check on Brandi & make sure she feels comfortable revealing if there are any attempts by cult 45 to intimidate/bribe Brandi or pretend to be her friend. Brandi’s probably a stellar person- proof is that Peters wanted to sideline Brandi for Julie Fisher. Brandi should be on track to be your Mesa county election clerk who does all ballot handling details. Some of this, Brandi being designated as Mesa Co. election manager, can be verified by Coram. There will be continuing Jule Fisher style whack a mole b.s. right up until June 28. Rebekah Mercer wants Steve Bannon to be our next president. Which gives you an idea why i dont sleep well & what i’ve been trying to fix for almost a year…..This isn’t even the ganza megillah- that will hopefully arrive June 9.

    • once more please. Degibberized first , wont you ?

      How did Tina profit from exposing the crimes of griswold and dominion ?
      Usually criminals have a profit motive

      see 2000 Mules and decide for self

      • Are these the same false “election fraud” claims OAN and NewsMax both had to officially retract, to avoid getting sued into oblivion?

        Or are these different false “election fraud” claims? Need to start keeping a list of all the GQP Fairy Tales…

      • Mr./Ms 2000 mule skinner: You should be ashamed to so publicly demonstrate your difficulty and inability to use the English language in such a way as to be understood by a reasonably educated adult. It’s impossible to understand what points you are trying to make when spelling, capitalization, grammar, and punctuation that seem to have come from lessons learned at your own personal Tower of Babel. As one of my high school teachers often posted on students’ papers she couldn’t understand, “More care in research and proofreading is indicated”.

        • This past week auditors in New Mexico identified that the voting systems used in the counties under review have the ability to fill in ballots, noted in the presentation before officials in Otero County, New Mexico. A prior New York state investigation identified malicious code that could do this. According to the Dominion website, its election system has the ability to print ballots, described in the Dominion Voting Systems manual on page 30 here

          Who actually thinks a ballot COUNTING machine needs ballot COMPLETION features?

          • Here is the truth about the so called audit by white nationalist Trump supporters in NM.

            “This audit has been controversial from the start with some claiming those involved are known to spread false narratives of election fraud. The state auditor has also issued a letter to commissioners questioning the methodology and legitimacy, and the Secretary of State says she received complaints about the canvassing. A spokesperson from the New Mexico Office of the Secretary of State issued the following statement:

            The so-called “audit” in Otero County has from the beginning been a political stunt orchestrated to perpetuate the Big Lie and make people lose trust in our elections.

            The 2020 election was canvassed and audited at multiple levels — by County Clerks, our Office, and independent auditors — and there was absolutely no indication that anything was amiss. Voters should have the utmost confidence in New Mexico’s elections and know that their votes count, despite the outlandish conspiracy theories being pushed by the backers of this so-called “audit” in Otero County.

            The so-called “audit” that’s been pushed by Mr. and Mrs. Clements has been a political stunt from the beginning, orchestrated by people with a political agenda who have demonstrated little to no understanding about New Mexico’s election laws.

            (For example, though no one mentioned it in the three-plus hour commission meeting, if Mr. Clements had any real knowledge about New Mexico’s election laws he’d know that every election in New Mexico is already conducted using 100% paper ballots.)”

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