Tina Peters still lying on the only media outlet still remotely interested in her

Excerpt of an interview with Tina Peters from a 1 hour, 8 minute show.

With her flame rapidly burning out, Tina Peters continues to seek what little spotlight she can still garner, and on November 21 she gave an extended interview on the little-known “Patriots with Grit” show on Rumble.com, a Donald Trump-backed video streaming platform that has become a haven for far right wing content creators.

Peters is still spewing the same crazy lies, including that she hasn’t done anything illegal, that everyone is out to get her, the candidates who won the 2021 Grand Junction City Council election should never have won, and that the Mesa County District Attorney and U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland forced her husband, who has dementia, to sign divorce papers one month before their 36th wedding anniversary. Of course, now we know Tina was the one who filed a petition to divorce her husband in October of 2017, and then afterwards created a profile on Match.com and started looking for dates.

She does have a few new lines though, including that “people who wear masks” are moving to Grand Junction and that “an atheist….an avowed atheist” was the one who filed an ethics complaint against her.

  2 comments for “Tina Peters still lying on the only media outlet still remotely interested in her

  1. It’s a shame that we the taxpayers will still be footing her bills when she is in prison, but it will be more difficult for her to taint elections there. She might get a gig in the prison kitchen, ’cause she makes one heck of a word salad.

  2. Tina, my my my Sheronna, and Boebert make me wonder about what’s in the water on the Western Slope that produces three such amazingly self-serving women in conservative politics at the same time.

    I’m looking forward to Tina’s trial. The transcripts should be fascinating.

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