Andrea Haitz Recall Committee calls off signature-gathering effort

Meme D-51 School Board President Andrea Haitz posted on social media c. May 9, 2022, widely seen as transphobic and a dig at public school teachers

The committee to recall District 51 School Board President Andrea Haitz has stopped gathering signatures for the recall.

The Committee issued a statement at 7:52 p.m. on June 29:

Sometimes we win.  Sometimes we win, regardless.

The Recall Andrea Haitz Committee has decided to suspend collecting signatures.  We are close to our goal, but the D51 board’s decision to include Marillac Clinic in Grand Junction High School was a major factor for starting the Recall. We celebrate the board’s decision to give our D51 students accessible and needed health care. We believe our Recall effort is a success by acting as a “6th member of the board” and keeping community attention on the actions of the board while important decisions are being made.

Recalls rarely succeed.  But we have shown that non-violent, democratic action can positively move the needle, and galvanize voters before the election of two new board members in November 2023.

Folks have spoken clearly – No more political agendas in our schools. No more charter schools that siphon off public school students. No more secret committees deciding how many additional neighborhood schools will be closed.

We hope that Recall supporters know that while the Recall committee is turning a page, community attention remains squarely on board decisions. Our students are worth the time and energy of a 100-strong coalition of signature collectors has devoted to the attempt to peacefully and constitutionally effect change.  We continue to Sign for D51 Kids.

Sarah Lester, Eric Rechel, Ricki Howie
The Recall Andrea Haitz Committee and D51 Stakeholders

  6 comments for “Andrea Haitz Recall Committee calls off signature-gathering effort

  1. Write “Andrea Haitz” or “CO school recall” in your browser;
    you’ll see those terms pop up together, FOREVER. Let’s see Andrea run for another office successfully, EVER! Who says the Recall wasn’t a success?

  2. In our recent statement, the Recall Andrea Haitz committee called ourselves “the 6th D51 board member.” Here are two questions for your readers: 1) Is the D51 Elementary Declining Enrollment Committee following CO statutes? Two members of the current board are members of EDEC, yet CRS 24-6-402(2) states, meetings at which “two or more members of any state body at which any public business is discussed…are declared to be open to the public at all times.” The statute defines “state public body,” and “meeting.” 2) Is the D51 attorney and top admin on their game?

  3. Yes! The recall was a success even if it didn’t result in the defeat of Haitz. Making the board reconsider, then change their minds is monumental. Good work, and thank you, signature collectors!

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