“Stand for the Constitution,” which still supports Tina Peters, is working to get Evanson & Skalla elected to D-51 School Board

A slide shown at a mid-October, 2023 Stand for the Constitution meeting that indicates the group still supports criminally-indicted, election denier Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters. The same group is supporting Evanson and Skalla for D-51 School District Board.

It seems like Mesa County never seems to learn from its past mistakes.

Stand for The Constitution (SFTC), the local extremist group that pushed to get Tina Peters elected County Clerk in 2018, that continued to support Peters even after her loss of 574 of ballots in 2019 and even after her indictments on multiple felony criminal charges related to election tampering, is now working to get Barbara Evanson and CynDee Skalla elected to the District 51 School Board in the November 7, 2023 election.

Stand for the Constitution also backed the three conservative school board members Haitz, Lema and Jones who have brought rancor, questionable ethics, uncertainty, disruption and hatred to the school board.

That says something very clear about Stand for the Constitution and the candidates they support.

Candidates SFTC supports are likely to be divisive and bring extreme political and religious agendas to the Board.

Barbara Evanson, for example, is ready to start banning books from D-51 school libraries, according to this interview posted on YouTube on October 8, 2023, under an account called “mesacountycompass.”

Stand for the Constitution backs Skalla and Evanson for School Board

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  1. The Constitution(1776) is the LAW of the land.
    The Bible is the LAW of the Heart.
    The two cannot be separated without severe consequence to the people they serve.
    Such is the case in our nation today, WTP are enduring severe consequence of depravity, perversion, & corruption of all civil life under false perceptions of “Liberty”… Freedom is not Free! The Price is diligent
    Prevention, Restrictions, Opposition, Condemnation! of those unnatural &/or depraved influences, especially upon children. This is a responsible Noble! Guardianship of parents and public servants whose job it is to ensure Civility and Peace in the land.
    So yea, ban books,media & influences of corruption…No-one! needs it.

    • The Constitution was written in 1787 and ratified in 1789.
      The Bible is a work of fiction, and is only “law” to those who choose to believe it.

      Perhaps you should consider reading a few books, rather than burning them.

      • Our life is full of choices. To the writer who says that the Bible is a work of fiction, you are making a fatal choice based on fear of Christianity, sad. Have no fear, it was written for you also, and everyone else who has to make this choice now or in the future. Please remember that this BOE election has nothing to do with book burning, unfortunately it is about power, politics, not about what’s best for teaching and learning. More specifically it is about countering the 3 members who won the last time.

        • I’m not afraid of Christianity, or the other Abrahamic faiths that worship the same deity, under different names. As a matter of fact, when I see people doing good deeds for others, as their God actually told them to, I find it pretty impressive.

          I’m just not a fan of anyone who harms other people and blames it on their God. It shows a cowardly lack of responsibility.

        • Frank, keep your religion to yourself. I do not fear christianity. I just don’t want anything to do with it. If any book should be banned it’s the bible. But no books should ever be banned. PS – it is a work of fiction.

    • Keep you religion out of my government. The book of fiction you name has no part in our Constitution. Did you forget elementary history? Separation of church and state? What our country was founded on? It wasn’t christianity. Would a white, christian, straight country make you feel better.

  2. There was only one Christian and he died on the cross. The rest of y’all are either blind sheep or trying to find a way to control others and extract money.

  3. “Rules to live by.” Sure, so long as you’re in the club. If not, then they are rules to kill by.

    Can you quote the book, chapter and verse where the bible condemns slavery? Or grants women the same rights as a man?

    Again, I’ll wait.

    • You will have to wait, as I’ll not respond to your foolish statements. I’m not a member of any “club”. Just a mature level headed American who knows full well that our society cannot live in happiness and safety without basic guidelines. I’m glad that you at least recognize the the Bible exists, I read mine, perhaps you should also, hope you have one.

      • What you are I’d a disingenuous twart waffle. You’ll not respond to foolish statements because you’ve nothing of substance to say and you’re not even aware of it. Philistine.

      • Yes, I have read it. That’s how I know the bible is not fit to base a modern society on. You know you can’t give a biblical reference denouncing slavery, because there isn’t one. Call it foolish to point out how archaic and savage the bible is, that’s fine. We both know the truth. Thanks for behaving exactly as I expected. Taking your ball and running home.

        Have a nice day.

  4. Nobody else has said this, so I will: Religion is the problem behind the unconstitutional book-banning movement. These zealots labor under the mistaken assumption that they are the guardians of righteousness and sole determinants of what is best for everyone else. Truth be told, religion is the worst disease ever inflicted on mankind.

    • Truth be told – only in America can your last sentence be read (but never accepted) and even tolerated. The constant battle between good and evil will always be fought, it is so vital that our kids grow up to know the difference – and mature adults and parents are there to provide needed guidance. Our schools should teach kids not what to think, but how. Religion is not a disease at all, just a system iof beliefs given to us by our creator, rules to live by. Without them, we are lost, so simple.

      • Rules to live by? Like how much you can beat your slave? How to sell your daughter into slavery?

        If that’s your definition of “how to think” than no thanks.

  5. Rereading the pwr point list it looks like sftc is a wee bit short on administrative help but long on the- hometown of jesus- which I’ll admit I had to Google. …GJ is equivalent to Bethlehem. Got it!

  6. It is now apparent that voting for Skalla and Evanson is analogous to putting your kid/any kid in a Mason jar , with a lighted candle and securing the lid -on that jar.

  7. I voted today for both Evanson and Skalla, easy and justifiable choices. I am not a member of Stand for the Constitution – but I stand for the Constitution.

    • You clearly don’t respect the Constitution if you voted for these two. They both want to ban books. How is that constitutional?

      • Sue- There is no connection between the constitution and book banning, none. If a BOE decides to ban certain books, that’s within their authority to do so. In fact if books are not good for kids they should be banned. I’m sorry that we are even having this discussion as these decisions should be made by the family, which in many cases are not functioning at all.

          • What a vague and foolish question. There will always be good and bad “guys”. We are discussing what’s needed for our public and school libraries, what’s their mission and purpose? For school libraries, their job is to support the curriculum, you know what is being taught in the classroom, they have no other purpose. In the best school libraries, the librarians are very familiar with the curriculum and stock their shelves with supportive materials.

        • So you can’t give an example of when book banners were the good guys, because there aren’t any. Banning books is inherently wrong. It is nothing more than choosing for others what they should or shouldn’t be exposed to, and that simply isn’t your call. You don’t get to decide what book is “good” for someone else’s kid.

          That’s the part that people like you will never understand.

          • People like me DO understand how school districts work, I would recommend that you learn some basic facts. Boards of Education set policy, they approve all expenditures, they delegate to their professional staff the responsibility to carry out policy. This includes the selection of all educational materials. So this means choosing or rejecting books for your kids and mine. We trust them to do this. It happens every day and everywhere.

        • Rejecting a book to be part of a cirriculum is not the same as banning a book in the library. Glad to have cleared that up for you.

  8. ‘Stand for the Constitution’ my axx. Those 2 want to ban books. They’re more concerned with the second amendment in the first.

  9. It’s a tragic irony to see a Powerpoint presentation spell out such a vertical integration of fascism, religious idolatry, and corruption of governance….you know, the very things the Constitution STANDS AGAINST.

    But from these clueless “Visions”, it seems like such angry villagers/Somebodies might sooner slip and fall on their own spears before finding any more hometown heroes willing to climb up that cross.

  10. If you watch the candidate forum that they had, it just shows where Evanson stands. She raised her hand when it was asked if everyone should stand for the pledge of allegiance which would infringe on 1st amendment rights. Also, she supports parents using taxpayer funds for religious schools.

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