“Thoughts and Prayers” PSA by Mothers for Democracy

This is the debut video of the group “Mothers for Democracy,” a grassroots group that started as a protest group of Texas mothers who oppose Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s extreme agenda.

Gov. Abbott has introduced some of the nation’s most extreme versions of voter suppression, open carry laws, anti-abortion bills and critical race theory (CRT) bans. The state’s new open-carry law allows Texans to carry handguns in public without requiring them to have any permits or training. Abbot’s abortion bounty law, SB8, lets private citizens sue anyone who facilitates an abortion in Texas after six weeks, without any exceptions for cases of rape or incest. Anyone who succeeds in their claim can be awarded $10,000 by a court. And now local jurisdictions in Texas are passing laws that make traveling on roads to get an abortion illegal.

You can help prevent this kind of Christian nationalism from taking hold in Colorado by signing the petition for Ballot Initiative 89, which would put the right to abortion in Colorado’s state Constitution. An event is being held tonight, Tuesday, January 23 from 6:00-8:00 p.m. at the Mesa Theater to kick off signature gathering for the ballot initiative. 

Thoughts and Prayers T-shirt being sold by Mothers for Democracy. It also comes in black with white print.

A powerful ad from Mothers Against Greg Abbott (MAGA), a precursor group to Mothers for Democracy:

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  1. It’s ironically worth pointing out, Greg Abbott is figuratively and literally spineless. He was out running on a windy day when a tree fell on him and crush it. Of course, also being the selfish and entitled right-winger with a fancy law degree he sued the homeowner and tree care company. Won a big $8.9 million dollar settlement, later got appointed to the Supreme Court by then-Gov George W. Bush, resigned to return to private practice and rally his crony network to get elected into that same office…where he quickly reformed/kneecapped most of the business and personal liability laws. So ol’ Greg is lower a snakes belly, twice as slimy, and now on his 3rd virtue-signaling term have no doubt he is eyeing greater opportunities still. In fact, my Thought is he will become Trump’s impotent VP pick and so let’s Pray this abortion issue becomes the albatross around their necks. As any woman that would honestly vote for these cretins both betrays their gender and a long history of hard-won personal freedoms going back all the way to sufferage.

  2. EVERYone should watch Episode one, Season one, of Handmaid’s Tale, to learn what white “christian” men have planned for all women in their second White House infestation. A vote for a third party candidate is a vote for Orange Julius.

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