“Liebe” Means Anything but “Love” in Grand Junction

Paul Liebe's un-family-friendly banner outside his business, NiteLife Billiards on North Ave.

Paul Liebe’s family-unfriendly banner outside his business, NiteLife Billiards on North Ave.

Update 2/3/2022: Paul Liebe reportedly died on January 1, 2022 at the age of 68 from Covid-19. 

Paul Liebe is the owner of NiteLife Billiards at 2882 North Ave. in Grand Junction. “Liebe” means “love” in German, but unfortunately Mr. Liebe does not project a loving front to many area citizens. His business’ slogan is “We Deliver Family Fun,” but Mr. Liebe is far from family-friendly. R-rated is more like it, at a minimum.

Liebe, a gun proponent who bills himself as a “public figure” on his Facebook page, recently made headlines for selling “open carry” T-shirts printed with a realistic-looking handgun in a holster. The shirts come with a dire warning letting people know that actually wearing the shirt can lead to death if the wearer encounters police and they mistakenly think you are wearing a real gun. In short, don’t put these shirts on your kids — they aren’t  family-friendly, or friendly in any way at all.

Liebe’s personal attitudes are far from family-friendly, too, and so is his language. On February 13 he posted on his publicly-accessible Facebook page: “If you don’t like what I post, get the FUCK OFF MY PAGES,” and “…I don’t give a shit if your FEELINGS get hurt.”


Other posts show Liebe thinks public schools are teaching Islam to children, that President Obama deserves the death penalty for treason, that homosexuals are carrying on a “War on Morality” and the TV show “Glee” promotes teenage sodomy.

LiebRant2Another Facebook post reveals Liebe’s misogynistic bent. He wrote to a female administrator of another Facebook page,

“To the Female Page Owner, here’s Your problem.


C  an’t

U  understand

N  ormal

T  hinking

Got it?!?!

Your friend,

Paul Liebe

In fact, Liebe’s posts were foul enough to earn him a 30 day block from FaceBook in 2013.

All in all, not too family-friendly.

Post from Paul Lieb's Facebook page

Post from Paul Lieb’s Facebook page

So If you’re looking to purchase billiard tables, bar stools or other similar items, you may want to factor the above information about Paul Liebe into your decision about which business to patronize. Maybe there’s a similar business in the area whose owner is a tad less bigoted, foul-mouthed, misogynistic and insulting, and that is truly family-friendly.

  6 comments for ““Liebe” Means Anything but “Love” in Grand Junction

  1. I am a Veteran who recently moved to Cedaredge, and Paul made a post stating that if anyone argued with him he would ban them, I then asked if he was a Veteran because nothing says freedom like banning arguments. He banned me, and the funny part is, how silly he looks being arrogant and ignorant. Thanks for proving my point, little man.

    • Probably not a surprise that Paul subscribed to right wing anti-vax misinformation. He rang in 2022 by dying of COVID. His funeral featured lots of flags and no masks. May his afterlife be filled with the same love and compassion he showed to those that were different from him.

    • Any fool can claim they are a veteran. Prove your status before you run your mouth. Paul may have been a loud mouth but he was a patriot and he loved his adopted kids and grandkids.

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