Republican CD-3 candidate Lauren Boebert’s husband arrested in ’04 for indecent exposure to a minor

Lauren Boebert (formerly Lauren Roberts) and Jayson Boebert

A Garfield County Sheriff’s Office arrest report (pdf) has surfaced showing Lauren Boebert’s husband, Jayson, was arrested on January 28, 2004 for exposing his penis to young women at the Rifle Fireside Lanes Bowling Alley.

One of the victims was a minor who was 16 years old.

Lauren married Jayson in 2005, one and a half years after the indecent exposure incident.

According to the arrest affidavit (pdf), at about 7:00 p.m. that evening, the young women were standing at the snack bar discussing their tattoos when Jayson, standing several feet away, overheard the conversation and informed them that he had a tattoo on his genitals. The women turned their backs towards Jayson to ignore him, but Jayson then came up behind them, unzipped his pants, pulled his penis out and displayed the shaft to them with his thumb covering the head. The women complained to the bowling alley owner, who asked Jayson several times to leave the establishment. Jayson refused and became belligerent, leading the owner to call law enforcement. According to the arrest report, the officer detected the smell of alcohol on Jayson, and Jayson admitted he had been drinking.

Two females described the incident to Garfield County Sheriff officers and signed witness statements leading to Jayson’s arrest. Jayson told the officers that he had “displayed his thumb pretending it was his genitals in a gesture of fun,” according to the report, but one of the victims wrote in her statement, “I know that wasn’t his thumb, because thumbs aren’t 6 inches long.”

Another arrest, days later

Jayson Boebert was arrested again just days after this incident, in February, 2004, on a domestic violence charge. A protection order was issued for the victim of the incident. Jayson eventually pled guilty.

Jayson’s now-wife Lauren, currently the Republican Party candidate for House Representative in the 3rd Congressional District, was present during the bowling alley incident and was listed in the report as a victim under her maiden name, Lauren Opal Roberts, but only the two other female victims gave a statement to the  officers. Lauren and two other men in the party besides Jayson were told to leave the bowling alley and not to return to the establishment any more.

Jayson was employed as a roughneck for Nabors Drilling at the time of his arrest. Lauren Boebert has had numerous brushes with the law herself (pdf) for petty offenses including disorderly conduct, fleeing law enforcement, speeding and careless driving, driving with expired plates, failures to appear in court, and other offenses.


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  1. the ‘victim’ said “thumbs are not six inches long”

    and neither are flaccid penises , Ms Vicky

  2. Have someone literate ( a small child perhaps , if you are still allowed near them) to read the arrest report. or take my word for it, I just went over it.

    Jayson claimed he did the lame goofball trick of showing his thumb and pretending it was his junk. Plus his junk aint tattoed either so it would be rather foolish to flash it for that purpose were it NOT. His is an extremely likely story. Maybe more so than ” this guy whipped out his tattoed junk only it wasn’t tattooed” version from the mean girls club.

    Because scientific fact proves conservative penii are much larger…

    The average lib sees a thumb waggling like a trouser trout lure & thinks “LLluuuUUCCKKKYYYyyyy!”

    Also this event proves people use Law Enforcement to punish people that disturb them. The old guy running the Lane was necessarily going on the “she said” and had a earlier beef with Jayson, and the cop simply had to take the report.

    Interestingly , and is if we needed more proof, not only are the Party’s Members vastly different in size, but so is their sense of humor.

    • “Plus his junk aint tattoed either so it would be rather foolish to flash it for that purpose were it NOT”

      So, by your own account;
      You’ve seen Jayson’s junk, and the underage girls who didn’t take the same pleasure in it that you did are “mean girls”.


  3. Another day, another desperate fantasy from the people who can’t think in terms any more complicated than bumper stickers.

    • I live in same town. Jayson was drunk and kidding around…Only sickos would try to say this is pedophilia. It is a misdemeanor so doesnt affect guns. Jayson has quit drinking. And Lauren is 36 now so check your dates. I guess you didn’t learn math.

      • The only inbred, sickos are the ones who defend sexual assault of minors. The “sicko” looks to justify the actions of pedophiles. They normalize it, they excuse it, & like always, point their guilty fingers toward others. Right-Wing Zealots response to all of their “SICK” shortcomings.

    • I live in same town. Jayson was drunk and kidding around…Only sickos would try to say this is pedophilia. It is a misdemeanor so doesnt affect guns. Jayson has quit drinking. And Lauren is 36 now so check your dates. I guess you didn’t learn math either. So many ppl clueless about young, single oil roughnecks around here. I pity you your ignorance and judgemental attitudes, bet you are on the BLM wagon tho! He is a good guy, has done a lot in the community. GarCo has srs hardcore cops that have made many a young joyrider, skateboarder, or innocuous non harmful rowdy young fellas into felons. In big liberal cities, ppl aren’t even cited for this kind of thing Jayson grew up. He is an asset to our county, they came to our Farmageddon in 2011, mingled, helped and gave a big donation to help build kids playground and skate park. Nice ppl and neighbors .
      If he were a rich kid from Aspen, there would be no record like this.

      • You think whipping out your junk at underage girls is “kidding around”?
        Stay the f*ck away from birthday parties, pal.

        • The arrest information had him arrested for 18-7-302, indecent exposure. He pleaded guilty to 18-7-301. I wonder who approved the plea bargain. The difference is that being convicted of indecent exposure requires him to register as a sex offender. Could just be one of those liberal judges who saved him from that.

          • Defending sex offenders isn’t “normal” either…unless you’re a Western Colorado Republican.

            You guys have a lil’ chat room, or what?

      • who’s ready for some REAL pedophilic crime exposes ?
        a little birdie tells me the next rash of HB hard drive bombs dropping very soon.

        Ladies and Gentlemen, children and gender fluids of all ages ,

        • Y’all are really desperate that the “Laptop from Hell” will make people ignore Jared Kushner getting 2 Billion dollars from the country that financed the 9/11 attacks?

          Nice try. That’s as lame as the “It was only Jayson’s thumb!” argument.

          • Seamy ol chap, I am so disappointed , after all my well informed & wittily presented info , that you think my loathing for the Crooked Uniparty Class is based on party loyal!

            I know how utterly painful it must be to have pushed so hard for biden, and to get a dementia-afflicted, thieving , perverted and even worse, dead wrong on almost everything “Big Guy”.

            If kushner gets a seamyus deal, then I want him burned down. But seemys your best shot to date is no more than to beech & moan that rich people get deals you cant. Be better.

            Dig up the dirt and bring it out; dont settle for just innuendo . I think its going to be a little harder , since Kushner doest strike me as the type that will forget 300G of incriminating and perverted data on a soggy laptop. I believe he comes from a jewish real estate / finacial family.

            Very unlike the Bidens who parlayed nothing but elections into a massive grift program run by the brother & son who failed at , well everything, except selling the biden name and selling out our Nation.

            If you dont like the Saudis, then you would naturally push for US energy independence so we could disentangle. You do realize the petro dollar runs on Saudi oil and the US Army, ja ? oh so much learning you skipped just to blame al your woes on Trump.

            I paid little heed to Trump’s actually extensive and varied endeavors. It was when he , nearly alone , rang the alarm bell that our inner cities are the hellholes they are in huge part due to selling out our industrial base. That the CO2 -based climate scam is exactly that – a constructed series of lies and misrepresentations that have nothing to do with ” climate” but everything to do with grift and control. That the Clintons ran a crime / shakedown organization. I appreciate the fact that every administration entered the WH poorer than they left ( by magnitudes) while Trummos net worth decreased in his term.

            MY biggest hate is for the crooked elections that Ds have used to stay in power, and a ton of feckless crooked Rs have accepted the debacle to profit from the spoils. If a fair election put a demented crooked old pervert in office, I would sadly accept it and admit the problem is with seamy ol chaps. Problem was , the 2020 was stolen ( it wasn’t the first time btw) .

            Not only was it stolen, but to pull it off the uniparty locked you down, destroyed the world economy , and ruined a whole generation of children in order to overcome Trumps massive support.

            thats bad.

      • Ya know, Sky Q, I’ve lived in small towns, and I’ve lived in big cities, and nowhere has it been considered “normal” for a dude to be waggin’ his junk at underage girls.

        If this is how things are in GarCo, I guess that explains how Qbert got elected.

      • If he was black he’d be dead. Someone ought to mail his police report to every business in rifle, Aspen, grand junction, and the surrounding areas. Ms. Guns and Freedom would have shot him herself if he hadn’t been boning her underaged ass. Boobert is trash.

    • Not only should he not be allowed to possess firearms, firearms aren’t even allowed to be in the home of someone convicted of domestic violence. I’m trying to figure out where they keep the rifles that the kids were posing with for the Christmas card and where she keeps her pistol. They can’t legally be kept in the house. Also, it would be interesting to know what she was convicted of but I’m not able to open that file.

  4. She actually is listed as a “witness” on the report. She had just turned 17, so I would wager that she was dating him at 16, which was under the age of consent in Colorado, which is 17. He is only 6 years older than her, so that probably passes morality checks for most people if she was over 17 when they started dating, but still, if she was under 17 it was illegal. And it was not even a month and a half after she turned 17.

    • “He is only 6 years older than her, so that probably passes morality checks for most people if she was over 17 when they started dating”

      People for whom a 23 year old dating a 17 year old “passes morality checks” are far more immoral than they think.

        • Severel witnesses say it was his thumb that showed. You dont know much about the legal system, do you? Especially here.

          • Yes, several witnesses, including Boebert, who decided he was marriage material. The other victims disagreed.

            Jayson Boebert pled guilty to “public indecency and lewd exposure” after the incident and was sentenced to four days in jail with a subsequent two years on probation. That doesn’t happen over a thumb.

            So, while you may think it’s cute, him waggin’ his junk at underage girls, the law disagrees. Totally uncool, I know.

  5. Of course that nasty **** has speeding and careless driving tickets. She looks like your typical “I can do what I want because if I get pulled over I’ll just cry and get a warning” uppity twat. I bet she drives a Camry.

    • A Camry? That’s random. She obviously drives something with horrible gas mileage, either the biggest SUV money can buy or an extended cab pickup truck with overly large tires and a reinforced grille.

      • This is the epitome of GOP.trash. Lewd conduct with minors, woman beating, flagrantly ignoring laws while claiming to be about law and order (but doesn’t apply to them), belligerence, her restaurant poisoned 80 people at a county fair, her dump restaurant also blatantly defies Covid protocol and this late in life GED monster actively promoted and assisted in the Jan 6, 2021 insurrection. Get it together CO. Get her out and lock her up!

        • The treasonous act that has happened is the stolen election u support. Missoula just found 7% of ballots were illegal. Ur ilk are getting locked up

          • First; Got a source for that claim?

            And, second; “Locked Up” by whom? Lauren QBert’s Alpha Force American Patriot Warrior with a side of contaminated pork sliders Strike Team?

          • What? Republicans are funny. You guys sit around pointing fingers because, some idiot on Facebook tells you “Something something….DEMOCRATS!!” You all screech slack jawed, “YEAH!” “What they said!!”

            It’s amazing how you can all be so easily fooled. The rich Republicans that run the news stations, and line the pockets of your politicians, those guys have you at your fellow citizens throats. I got news for you. You l had better all smarten up. They are going down, you had better decide quick whether you want to remain on the side of stupid or smarten up and take out the true enemies of this country. Because if you are still standing with the trumps, koch’s, McConnels, Gaetz’s, and the rest of the Right wing shit show, you’re going down with them. We’re not letting them or you destroy this country. So for your own good, wake the fuck up.

          • Hahahha SURE! Only in your DELUSIONAL mind is that anywhere near true! Do you ever TRY to even pretend like facts matter to you fools?

          • Actually I can back up that fact….100% of those illegal ballots were cast by republicans.

        • Please start a “Stop Boebert” campaigns. With Donovan out of the race, I As m a registered Republican and will vote for anyone else. We owe that to Colorado and the USA. Enough of the clown-show!

    • She drives an American made car, retard. Japanese people make toyota and they hate Republicans.

      Try a chevy TaHOE.

      • You are probably right about the Tahoe; but the rest of your comment is extremely wrong. The language you useakes YOU sound like an uneducated redneck republican yourself. Most Democrats are too well educated to use that terminology.

          • Spoken like a true inbred Republican. A nation is supposed to take care of its people. There are plenty of poor people in the GOP too. I know some of them. I have FED them here in Boston on the streets with my friends. The only people here who share in the wealth are serving in office or cronys who donate to their campaigns. Get a clue. Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Greene are everything that is wrong about the right wing. This is EVERYBODY’S country. My grandparents came here from Italy and worked hard, with all of their sons serving their nation. They were Democrats.

          • So democrats are uneducated??? Your wonderful Republican Boebert just got her GED. Seriously. Democrats know better than to vote for the biggest idiot in Washington. She us as n embarrassment to Colorado.

        • Most Democrats r at home waiting on their stimulus cuz its free money, I guess that’s what u get when ur well educated! Not working for a living

          • Uh yeah moron educated people generally have more free time on their hands because an education still equals a pretty good job.Humor me tho…who the hell is living off a stimulus check? You just sound embarrassing.

      • To be honest look up where most of the parts of Chevy and Ford come from. They sure aren’t made in America. They are all junk anymore and it’s a fact that most parts are made elsewhere. Chevy just puts them together.

    • Now you’re the one that sounds like an “uppity twat”. What difference does it make what type of car she drives? Typical Snowflake Garbage

      • Kinda hard to take you seriously when the woman you’re defending married a sex offender, after seeing him expose himself to minors (she being one of them).
        Y’all are a classy bunch, huh?

        • What is even better is if you read it, she is listed as a victim, but no statement was taken from her and she was asked to leave and never return along with Jayson and two of his buddies. She wasn’t really a victim, she was dating him when she was 16 and that fact pretty much proves it.

      • Nah…..Im sure his Mommy ferries him around. Trying to make any sense of what he pukes up. Doubt his comprehension capabilties allow for him driving.

        Im fairly certain you’ll have to look up definitions for a couple of words used above. S’OK, take your time & slowly sound them out….you’ll get it. Look @ Boebert. Took her awhile before she reached the level where she could pass a simple GED.

  6. Boebert is what waiting for a literal gaseous vertebrate named Jesus looks like. And also what untreated trauma looks like.

    • I read elsewhere on the net her restaurant had a lien placed against it for failing to pay into the State unemployment insurance system ….

      that she was fined approx $2500 for refusing to comply with a court ordered garnishment of one of her employees wages …

      that she once gave 80 people food poisoning with food from her restaurant ….

      that she received a warning from the health dept for holding an unsafe fundraiser during the pandemic …

      she was fined for letting her pit bulls run at large.

  7. The 5th Beatle was Pete Best who was the original drummer from 1960-62 b4 being replaced by Ringo Starr. Putting that 2 the side a scumbag is a scumbag whether Rep,Dem or independent n that’s wot Boeherts hubby is. As 4 Lauren Boehert the only ting that can be said is RESIGN

  8. Please! Post this story on Facebook and Twitter. I know of a simillar situation as a teenager and you hit the nail on the head. We must stop and identify the real problem that affects us all, then work together to correct it to everyones satisfaction and hopefull benefit. Well said!

  9. Did I see Anthony Weiner’s name mentioned? Am I missing something? Only republicans are deviants? Get real. His wife was Hillary’s closest confidant. Not to mention Democrat President Bill is Hillary’s husband, who is linked to Brian Epstein. Now we have Peter Nygard on stage. He another Bahamian pedo who’s probably send millions to the Liberals in Canada.

    • Brian Epstein? You tell me that an English music entrepreneur who managed the Beatles from 1962 until his death in 1967. He was referred to as the “Fifth Beatle” due to his role in the group’s business affairs, image and rise to global fame, is linked to Hillary Clinton? Amazing argument there, you twit.

      • The “fifth Beatle” was Stu Sutcliff. He, unfortunately, died young. Brian Epstein should not be confused with the more infamous Epstein of recent crimes. Brien Epstein also died young and has nothing to do with the 21st century. To quote you, John, “… you twit.”

        • Not true. “The fifth Beatle” was an informal title given to various figures of influence, or association, with the legendary band, throughout their time together. There were at least THREE of these, including Sutcliffe (at least you got that point right), Sir George Martin (their producer) and Epstein.

          A little knowledge is a dangerous thing, “you (ill-informed) twit”.

          • You’re both wrong. The Fifth Beatle is George Martin. Period. If you’d look it up, you’d find that out. It has been so for decades because of his contribution to their music. End of story. And by the way, Brian Epstein isn’t Jeffrey Epstein. Brian Epstein died in the sixties. Good Lord, get a damned clue.

        • Lauren Boebert. Annie Oakely? More like Calamity Lame. Glassy eyed republicant. She is completely without substance. Is she white trash? Is her husband white trash? Is her family white trash? Is little Lauren a shrill harpie?

    • There are Democrat perverts too. Just like Jayson Boebert. Anthony Weiner was charged, found guilty, and spent time in jail.

    • Was Trump not linked to Epstein? Did he not say he can grab women by the pussy? Did he not grab 17 year olds by the pussy when he was running miss America or some degrading competition? Democrat or republican evil will be evil

      • Yes, very true – however it does give evidence that Rep leopardskin makes poor choices. Is she the kind of person who should be allowed to commit felonies – (open carry) illegal to all in DC. Why is she allowed to violent Second Amendment laws when the rest of Law abiding can achieve this. Really she should learn the laws regard firearms in the state she bears a weapon. NO reciprocity in DC.

        Believe in Second amendment; however too serious and dangerous possible consequences if laws followed by all mature adults. Perhaps a felony conviction will correct the problem.
        Woman a traitor, ALL members present told not to reveal even to families where in bldg politicians located. Blasted SOH location. One may or may not like the current SOH, however out of respect to our gov – this wasn’t a game.
        Regardless of political party, we are talking about human beings here.

    • You’re as much a nut job as Boebert or her beloved. This article wasn’t about Weiner or his wife or Hillary. Weiner’s been exposed and convicted, if I remember correctly. Boebert’s likely criminal recent conduct hasn’t even been charged yet, but probably will be.

    • The difference is, Anthony Weiner was run out of town on a rail. His wife divorced him. Al Frankin, as a comedian 15 years ago made a funny picture, he too was put out, and he didn’t even really do anything. A lot of people including trump were involved with Epstein. As democrats we have dealt with our politicians, and even Bill Clinton is sidelined. Quickly. Peter Nygard, is a Canadian designer, so what does that have to do with any of this?

    • NO….Inbred! Us rational folk, the ones with properly functioning brains, the ones that DONT need to give a 2nd thought to any theory of lizard people running around grabbing all the kids. We are past tired of blow hards, like yourself, that consistently act like a 3 year old telling mommy about something a sibling did last month. Who CARES about Anthony Weiner!!! He is s Piece of Sh*t !! Republican or Dem, I dont care! He is a PATHETIC human! Just as this rabbid dog repping Colorado & her husband are! People like this rip the fabric of our country apart. People like urself, that ALWAYS have the light shining outwards, NEVER inwards. ENOUGH !!!

    • Ms. Andrina, I just have one question for you. By chance did you read the rap sheet? There are 20 case numbers going as far back as 2003 while she was just 16. Also, this has zero response to Epstein,Trump or Weiner (even though she still supports Trump after yesterdays 2nd Impeachment?) I along with many citizens will be addressing her immediate removal or expelled from hold office in Garfield/Rifle County in Colorado ever again. She is an insult to democracy. Not sure how she was voted in with a rap sheet with multiple entries of breaking the law. This witch needs to go down.

    • Ms. Andrina, I know it’s hard for you to keep on subject. I just have one question for you. By chance did you read the rap sheet? There are 20 case numbers going as far back as 2003 while bitch was just 16. Also, this has zero claim on Epstein,Trump or Weiner and Bill (even though she still supports Trump after yesterdays 2nd Impeachment) I along with many citizens will be addressing her immediate removal or expelled from hold office in Garfield/Rifle County in Colorado ever again. She is an insult to democracy. Not sure how she was voted in with a rap sheet with multiple entries of breaking the law. This bitch needs to go down. And I thought Sarah Palin was a c – word.

    • Typical Trump supporter denial. Some other person did something wrong in the past so it excuses current day GOP from whatever they did.
      Why not deal with the actual issue? As an example, just because your husband cheated on you doesn’t make it OK for me to cheat on my wife.

    • Dumbest response ever. Every time an idiot republican is busted, one of their brainless flunkies responds with “well, what about …. (insert stupid deflecting comment here)?!”
      Lauren was video taped given logistics to the insurrectionists the day prior. She is complicit in an attempt to kill members of the Senate and will be going to prison. Nice job, CO picking an incredibly stupid Q-Anon dingbat to go to Washington.

    • Where did it say only republicans? Brian Epstein? Are you drunk like Boeberts husband? I see you failed to mention Trump and Barr’s connection to JEFFREY EPSTEIN, which is much deeper.

    • You’re so ill-informed you don’t even know Trump buddy-buddy Epstein’s first name: Jeffrey.

      Calling out the husband of an aide to someone who’s not running for anything is not going to work. He was a frontrunner in NYC for mayor, until the scandal broke, and the Democrats dropped him.

      Boebert married the perv AFTER his arrest, which is another revealing fact.

      But then, Boebert has her own rapsheet. Unlike Abedin–or Hillary.

    • Only if your looking at 12 yr old stuff ABOUT A AID’s hubby who had questionable stuff on pc now let talk about a SITTING REP.’SHUSBAND FLASHING HIS DICK IN PUBLIC TO 16YR OLDS THEN SHE MARRIES HIM!
      If you want to dive into pedos lets start with Barr’s dad giving Epstein a job teaching even though he had no cred.s then under Barr’s doj watchful eye he was able to commit
      “Suicide”as 2 guards”fell asleep”and the camera had a 10min”glitch”at exact same time also under doj control Epstein’s little black book some how disappeared and the judge who gave Epstein sweetheart deal of nine mon.s”work”release so he only had to sleep at jail the rest of the time he was free to contiue pimping children from”office”gets top cabinet job under Plump

    • Who defended Anthony Weiner? No One. Who has supported Anthony Weiner’s political aspirations since his scandal? No one.

  10. That was a trashy comment even if American. Do you think everyone in MS breaks laws? Do you not know that people in CO are law breakers too? I’m sure you should be ashamed of that comment. I’m sure too that you aren’t.

  11. She is un-American. Incites violence against our own government.
    The trashy made-for-tv gun-toting video proves she should not be holding office.
    Much better suited for reality t.v.
    What’s up Colorado, can’t we do better than this…?
    Electing a person who is a habitual law breaker (but claims to be a “law-and-order” candidate) to represent us ? This is CO, not MS !

    • Lol, seems like the “tolerant libs” are just a little pissed that republicans are stooping to their level…. my god, you nasty racist libs really are completely clueless about your hypocrisy, aren’t you?…

      • We are not the ones who told lies for 4 years to our supporters. Trump told his own base The Big Lie. .You people gladly dined on the Lies he feed. Now your belly is full of Delusions. Stop drinking the koolaid and stop eating the lies. Walk away from the table. GO ON A DIET!

    • After this past election and still supports Trump, it sounds like her hubby is trash and possibly a pedophile for exposing himself to underage girls. She also has a great deal of issues herself. She’s not fit to hold office. By fleeing officers, shows a disrespect of the law. It all makes sense now. Got it. This witch needs to be expelled from congress.

  12. Except that the data shows that in the 2010s and 2020s there have been about 107 violations in total so your quoted numbers are incorrect unless you reach back to 1776.

  13. She’s a second wife after all. What happened to the first? probably was too decent to be married to a POS that’s lauren’s husband, who’s just as bad as her.

  14. Beto is a felon and currently Joes pick to lead the anti-gun crusade. If you want names, dates and offense, just look here:

    226 Democrats guilty of misconduct compared to 171 Republicans.

    As an aside, these values are 387 Democrat vs 261 Republicans at the state/local levels convicted of criminal wrongdoing.

    • Beto is not a felon. Misdemeanor DWI in the 90’s and jumped a fence at a college. Charges were dropped. Drama queen…

    • I love your fake facts as you claim everything around is fake news. Please get in touch with reality. You far right radicals have been wrong about literally EVERYTHING for the last four years and just retaliate with “nuh uh, you are!” without any factual basis.

      Stop creating division with lies, if you want enemies so badly at least try to do it in reality.

    • Why does it matter if a criminal is a Republican or a Democrat? I don’t know if your numbers are accurate, but even if they are, give or take 10-20%, both parties should be ALARMED that so many of our elected officials commit crimes, especially when those crimes occur during their time in office.
      I once heard an argument between two same-aged half-sisters who had the misfortune of both being in my high school math classroom at the same time. One said, “your mom is a crazy drunk,” and the other replied, “well, your mom’s a whore who has three children by three different daddies.” It went on before I got it under control, but you get the idea. Clearly neither understood THEY were the unfortunate victims of this uncivil situation. And in the middle of the brouhaha that was their life, neither recognized that they shared a lot more than DNA. They could have been a support to one another in a really dysfunctional situation that was neither girl’s fault. (Fault lay with their shared daddy, and with their respective moms, neither of which lived decent lives with a focus on nurturing their daughters, instead spewing hate toward the other mom).
      Back to politics-we all live in a really similarly dysfunctional system right now, and we are throwing hateful accusations at each other’s “side,” when both sides have perpetrated so many negative/immoral/illegal things! “Your mom is a whore” doesn’t excuse “drunk mom.” They’re both bad.
      It’s been years ago that (above story) happened in my classroom, but I still hope both girls grew up and escaped the trailer park in which they both lived. They were both very smart and deserve to live civilized lives. I hope we figure out a way in the US to escape this trailer park we have going in politics, too.
      Our expectations should be as high for candidates in our own party as for the opposing party. “We only have (any number of) convictions” is nothing to brag about. The standard for all politicians should be ZERO.

      • Please! Post this story on Facebook and Twitter. I know of a simillar situation as a teenager and you hit the nail on the head. We must stop and identify the real problem that affects us all, then work together to correct it to everyones satisfaction and hopefull benefit. Well said!

      • CR: You say “both sides have perpetrated so many negative/immoral/illegal things”.

        This “both-sideism” is absurd. This is identical to Trump claiming that, at the white supremacist protest at Charlottesville, there were “good people on both sides”, when in fact the white supremacist protest there resulted in the murder of Heather Heyer, and serious injuries to a number of other people. There’s a huge imbalance in awful things done and said by the GOP, and by many people who vote for GOP candidates. Democrats haven’t been calling for overturning the election, and ultimately trying to make that happen through insurrection, resulting in a trashed US Capitol, a murdered police officer, attempted murder of Congressmembers and the Vice President, etc.

        Claiming that “both sides” are equally guilty of the situation we’re in, is a guaranteed path towards failing to fix it.

    • Beto is not a Felon, grow up.

      This woman is a conspiracy theory & not orientated to reality and she disclosed the location of the Speaker of the House to the insurrectionists that came to kill her, VP & Chuck Schumer.

      She must be charged, tried, locked away and never allowed to run for office again.

      No matter what your party affiliation-there is no excuse for what she was/is involved in. She tried to help murder her colleagues, she is repsonsible for what happened at the Capitol along with her other conspiracy QNuts & white nationalist terrorists. Stop excusing this!

  15. Lauren will do wonderful in the political world. She’s White and very proud! She will stop the socialist sissy’s at every turn!

    • I’ve turned your info over to the FBI so they can add you to their watchlist as a white supremacist, currently named the most dangerous domestic terrorist group in the USA. You WILL be watched and you WILL be investigated any time anything happens. Also sending your info on to the CBI, GJPD, Mesa County Sheriff’s Department, and the US House of Representatives Security. With “fans” like you, Boebert is not going to get very far. Thanks for speaking up.

      • lol you didn’t do any of those things, and even if you did, they wouldn’t care. Get real, stop pretending to be a badass on the internet whenever someone leaves a shitty racist comment. You look ridiculous

      • Baloney. BLM and antifa are the terrorist groups. Thankfully, the DNC used so much deception and fraud in ther election, there’s no way Biden will be sworn in. Hopefully, next year BLM and antifa will be defunded.

        • Dude, this is Colorado, so weed is legal, but you have to lay off it bit; you’ve completely lost touch with reality. Trump has less than a month left in office, and he knows it. But you go ahead and send him more money for his “fight”. LOL

          • The FBI is hot on her tail now after she texted Nancy Pelosi’s location during the insurrection in D.C. last week. I hope that piece of trash gets removed from Congress then locked up. She should be well acquainted with jail from the article above. And her husband is a pedophile but she pointing the fingers at others in the Conspiracy-Laden QAnon fashion. Keep a close eye on you husband. Bit of adivise since you live in a glass house, watch when you throw those stones, Sweetie. Best you just fade away. TRASH, TRASH, TRASH!

        • You comment flies in the face of actual facts, which are not alternative facts. Far right wing groups are far more dangerous than Antifa () and BLM put together. If you could read you’d know this.

        • Antifa isn’t even an organization you mook. The only two terrorist groups banned from twitter are ISIS and MAGA. Get used to being wrong since its been 4 years non stop already.

          • Absolutely!!!! Defund ANTIFA….whoo hooooo, heeeee hawwww! Point made… people have not idea what they shout for. Just shout it because you told to. Cant form your own opinion. ANTIFA is NOT a govt funded program, sweetie! Now, now baby… its gonna be OK. Daddy wont let the Lizard People get ya !

    • Considering she is now under investigation by the FBI for threats to Pelosi and tweeting out her location to the domestic terrorists, I doubt she actual gets to enjoy heading up Trumptard Inc’ s Terrorist Organization’s DC branch.

    • She’s a conspiracy theorist nutbag, her husband is a pedophile. She was involved in a murder attempt of her colleagues and the vice president. She belongs in lockup.

      • Since you obviously don’t know the definition of pedophile, your comments and therefore your opinions, are invalid.
        Please stop talking now.

    • Oh, you’re a white nationalist and proud of it, eh? You are despicable and deplorable. Neither of these qualities is anything a decent person aspires to. Thought I’d tell you that since you evidently have no idea what a decent person is.

    • Qbert and family didn’t seem to have a problem pulling on a socialist program (welfare) when they were down on their luck years ago or is that just another lie from her to make people think he can relate to reality? I’m sure she and hubby won’t hesitate to their Social Security either. HypoChristians!

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  17. So, this dude whips it out in front of some women who made it clear that they didn’t want to see it, and Lauren thinks that makes him “marriage” material? Says a lot about her judgment, I guess.

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