Write-in county commissioner candidate Bob Prescott runs new, hard-hitting TV ad challenging Janet Rowland’s record as former commissioner

Write-in candidate Bob Prescott is running a new 30-second TV ad ripping his opponent in the county commissioner race, former two-term Mesa County Commissioner Janet Rowland, for her record of unrepentant plagiarism, condescending homophobic remarks, failed child advocacy and her support of a bizarre effort to sterilize women who become addicted to drugs.

Rowland served the maximum number of terms as commissioner allowed by Colorado law from 2004-2012, but she can run for commissioner again if four or more years have elapsed since she last held office.

And she’s doing it.

“Rerun” candidates used to prevent progress

Bob Prescott is running as a write-in candidate for County Commissioner against Janet Rowland, who has already held the office for two terms

Rowland is one of a handful of Old Guard Republican Establishment (OGRE) candidates that the Mesa County Republican Party keeps running over and over again for different local offices, in order to keep new ideas out of local government and keep the same backward-looking Old Guard Republicans running things in Mesa County. OGRE and fossil fuel promoter Ray Scott, who is currently our state senator, for example, ran for county commissioner this spring, but failed in the primary. (Had he succeeded, rumor was OGRE and current Mesa County Commissioner Rose Pugliese was primed to run for his state senate seat. Pugliese believes children should not be taught about global warming because it’s “junk science” and scares them.) OGRE and current County Commissioner Scott McInnis, who opposes land conservation, who himself also committed plagiarism, was formerly a Congressman, and came back from D.C. to run for County Commissioner. Janice Rich, formerly Mesa County Clerk and Treasurer, is being challenged by Scott Bielfuss for the House District 55 seat she currently holds. Bielfuss has not previously run for office and has new ideas, like finding ways to raise wages for the working class and help the less fortunate in our community, ideas that are forbidden by the Mesa County Republican Party.

The OGRE system was created to keep Mesa County from making any progress, since the Mesa County Republican Party believes that progress is a reviled liberal construct that must be prevented at all costs.

Write-in Jingle

In a historical first for Mesa County, write-in candidate Bob Prescott developed a jingle to help voters remember how to spell his name correctly when writing in his name for the Mesa County Commissioner District 3 seat. Click to hear the jingle, so you remember how to spell his name:





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