March planned to draw attention to police murder of Fruita man, Gage Lorentz

Gage Lorentz was murdered las March 21 by a Carlsbad Caverns National Park Ranger who shot him after pulling him over for going too fast on a dirt road. Lorentz was unarmed and unintoxicated at the time. No charges have been brought in the case.

A peaceful march will be held Saturday, October 17, 2020 at 10:00 a.m. at Stoker Stadium to demand justice for Gage Lorentz, a 26 year old Fruita man who was shot and killed March 21 by a Carlsbad Caverns National Park National Park Ranger after the ranger pulled him over for speeding on a dirt road. 

Lorentz was unarmed and had no drugs or alcohol in his system at the time he was pulled over.

Lorentz was driving home from Pecos, Texas, where he worked on drilling rigs, to see his family in Fruita when he took a short detour to meet a friend in Carlsbad Caverns National Park. While in the Park, Ranger Robert Mitchell pulled Lorentz over for speeding on a dirt road near the Rattlesnake Springs area of the park, a type of traffic stop that typically results in a warning or a ticket.

Body cam video shows Lorentz, clearly nervous, complying with the officer’s orders to get out of his truck and keep his hands visible, but he refused the officer’s demand to turn around and put his back to the officer. Mitchell started a scuffle with Lorentz and ended up shooting and killing Lorentz. No one has been charged in Lorentz’s murder.

The incident is yet another demonstration of the misuse of deadly force by law enforcement, a leading cause of death for young men in their 20s in the United States.

Lorentz’s family in Fruita wants to make people aware of Lorentz’s murder and get help to pressuring authorities to bring charges against his killer.

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  1. This is another example of people (who were NOT a witness) eagerly TRYING to CONVICT a police officer of a crime BEFORE Due Process is completed. It is entirely possible that the Officer was justified, but we don’t KNOW the FACTS yet. The news report STATED that the victim refused to comply with the officer’s request, and ended up in a scuffle. Jumping to a conclusion is morally wrong. Let the Officer have his day in court. Until then, please STOP accusing Officers of wrong-doing every time you hear of an Officer-involved shooting! Police are NOT the problem: FALSE accusations (before Due Process) are the problem!

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