Crowd protests Boebert and Jordan’s appearance in G.J.

Some of the crowd that turned out to protest Boebert and Jordan

A crowd of about 50 protesters came out to heckle Mesa County’s wealthiest Republicans as they arrived at the Grand Junction Convention Center to attend a Mesa County Republican Party fundraiser on Saturday, July 24 featuring House Representatives Lauren Boebert and Jim Jordan.

Boebert was recently shunned by a GOP women’s fundraising group, the Value In Electing Women (VIEW) PAC, which called her “a shameless self-promoter” and a “carnival barker.” The group accused Boebert of treating Congress like a joke and a reality show. Boebert’s votes have shocked much of the nation. She voted against giving medals to the U.S. Capitol Police who defended Congress from the 1/6 attack. She voted against a bill to help prevent carbon monoxide poisoning, and was one of only two legislators to vote against a national bone marrow registry to help cancer patients  She also voted against protecting seniors and indigenous communities from scams in a 413-8 vote.

Cardboard cut out of Boebert at the protest

House Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio)

Rep. Jordan is a former wrestling coach at Ohio State University (OSU) who was accused by former university students of helping cover up sexual abuse by the team doctor, Richard Strauss. A multi-million dollar investigation by OSU concluded in 2019 revealed Strauss had molested “at least 177 males students” between 1979 and 1996. Jordan worked at the university during that time, from 1987-1995. Six former wrestlers say Jordan knew about the molestation and didn’t do anything. A wrestling referee reported the abuse to Jordan but said Jordan didn’t do anything to help the victims. Some students reported that Jordan actually begged them to help him cover up the abuse. The whistleblower who first exposed the abuse said he got a phone call from Jordan “begging” and “crying” to him not to corroborate accounts of the abuse.

“Shame on you, GOP!”

Protesters, outraged that Jordan was invited to Mesa County and remembering the shocking January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol, yelled at event attendees “Welcome to the Insurrection Dinner!,” “Traitors!,” “Shame on you, GOP!,” “Don’t Let Jordan near your kids!,”  “Don’t be racist,” “Biden won!” They chanted “Less Mar-A-Lago, more Col-o-rado,” and “Bobo’s got to go!” and waved signs shaming Republicans over their belief in Trump’s “Big Lie” that he won the 2020 election.

Doug Simons, owner of Enstrom Candies, attended the Mesa County GOP’s $125-225/plate dinner

Republicans entering the event included Former Mesa County Commissioner turned oil-and-gas-lobbyist Kathy Hall, who once said she’s “had fracking fluid in her mouth” and she was “just fine”, Doug Simons, owner of Enstrom’s Candies and former City Council candidate Mark McAllister, who gained infamy for posting false, xenophobic and racist memes on his social media accounts.

Tickets to the event were advertised at $125 and $225, far beyond the means of most Mesa County working families in today’s struggling pandemic economy. Nevertheless, a crowd of Republicans who couldn’t afford to get into the event gathered on the south side of the convention center alongside the anti-Boebert/Jordan protesters waving huge American flags on flagpoles, prompting the anti-Boebert protesters to yell “Don’t impale any cops with your flag poles!”

Banner displayed at the entrance to the GOP’s fundraising dinner July 24th

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  1. 9 months.

    For nearly nine months, they have been claiming the election was stolen because of the minority districts.

    It is simply another chapter in the book of white theocratic imperialism.

  2. Guess not everyone hated the event- published in the Sentinal

    I recently joined over 500 people attending the Mesa County Republican’s annual Lincoln Day dinner. It was a record for attendance and fundraising, all unified in a desire for free and fair elections, safe streets, thriving businesses that create good jobs, their love of God, family and country and a firm belief that government has reached way too far into our personal lives. Congresswoman Lauren Boebert energized all of us with a speech that was both patriotic and quite substantive, focusing on important water storage and sensible forest management legislation she has recently introduced. It sure made sense to those who listened that we should store more of our water and generate revenue for local communities by allowing the standing dead timber in our forests to be responsibly cut, cleared and sold instead of just sitting there waiting to burn in the next inevitable fire. Congressman Jim Jordan emphasized how impressed he was with the work Representative Boebert was doing on our behalf in Washington, D.C. on important matters including border security, support for law enforcement, being a strong voice for fiscal responsibility and adhering to the United States Constitution. It was noteworthy and quite patriotic to see a number of local residents show up outside the venue to show their support for the country and sing a nice rendition of God Bless America. All in all, the event was safe, secure and left me with a sense of hope for the future of our country.

    Thank you for your time.


    Jen Schumann

    • Yes, pretty words to remember and actual results are what we forget. Not sure why the new church of republican memes is supplanting actual Christianity, but it is a slow and insidious process. When Ohio Republican Jordan is implicit in sexual abuse of male students, how is this not an issue for right-wing true believers? It is the elephant in the room that apparently carries undiagnosed cancer that is eating the hearts and minds of decent people. To ignore sin is to support the death of the soul.

    • No offense, but Boebert hasn’t written ANY of that legislation and none of those ideas are hers. She does a great job of applying make up and reading cue card. Funny–shes guilty of exactly what the GOP accused Obama of for years. The difference is, Obama actually taught constitutional law and Boebert just got her GED and can’t spell constitution. She does a great job of energizing a crowd? So did Hitler and every other two-bit demagogue. She’s dangerous and not because I disagree with her but because so many sheep in the GOP seem to think she’s worth listening to.

    • Hahahahahaha. That’s funny,!
      Wonder if she supported law enforcement with dents in their heads from trump flags getting slammed into them. Or the cops she screamed at at country jam. She’s dog water.

  3. They’re not criminals anymore than the rest of the politicians. I don’t vote for them because I don’t agree with their philosophy (if we can call it that) but I refuse to get in the gutter and demonize them–that’s how they make their donation money. Instead, I try to do a bit of research, find the candidate that aligns with what I think is right, and vote accordingly. Now, don’t get me wrong. If we find out that Boubert paid off the lien on her restaurant by falsifying her mileage during her campaign, I hope she gets thrown in the clink for at least a couple of months. And Jim Jordan is probably done more damage to this country than most. But no way am I allowing them to live rent free in my head the way Hillary lives rent free in Donald’s head. And I am curious to know why Cindy “Cluster B” Ficklin gets to diagnose everybody she dislikes but ignores the numerous crimes committed by Lauren Bobert and her dick waving husband. That said, none of this is worth my time and I really don’t like Enstroms anyways. Nothing to do with the owners politics. It’s too damn much sugar science tells us that much sugar causes ass cancer!

  4. There goes my support for Enstrom’s – fortunately, there are plenty of other alternatives for local sweets and coffee.

  5. I only wish I had known about the protest to have attended to openly show disgust. I really think they both are criminals with absolutely no integrity and regrets to criminals for the slam. It was embarrassing that she even showed up when DOI Haagland came to town. What a parade of Trump/Fox Fools.

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