Mesa County GOP, G.J. Area Chamber of Commerce and “Stand for the Constitution” all endorse candidate for School Board who works at a strip club

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The Daily Sentinel called Fantasy a “gentlemen’s club.” It’s actually a strip club.

The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel confirmed what was first revealed in this blog September 22, that District C School Board candidate and youth football coach Will Jones is employed by Fantasy strip club, which the Sentinel euphemistically referred to as a “gentleman’s club.”

“Stand for the Constitution,” an extreme right wing group, supports Angela Lema, Andrea Haitz and Will Jones for School Board.  The three are running as a politically far right wing extremist slate.

That’s like calling the 24 Road Adult Emporium a “library.”

An actual gentleman’s club is a private social club set up for aristocratic males, featuring amenities like a dining room, parlors for reading, gaming and socializing, a bar, billiards, etc.

Fantasy is not that.

It’s a strip club, and one that’s had some questionable incidents.

Stabbing, death, lawsuit

On March 4, 2015, police were called after a man was stabbed at Fantasy strip club.

In May of 2019, a guy with a gun in a holster impersonating a Mesa County Sheriff’s officer was arrested trying to enter Fantasy.

In May, 2021, a man was assaulted in Fantasy’s parking lot and found dead at 2:00 a.m. the following morning. Death was from blunt force head injury. The next day a suspect was apprehended and charged with reckless manslaughter, a Class 4 felony.

Class action lawsuit by strippers

Facebook post by Fantasy, where school board candidate Will Jones works. Jones has been endorsed by the G.J. Chamber.

In 2013, four dancers sued Fantasy over an employment arrangement in which the club hired them as independent contractors but charged each dancer a “stage fee” of up to $80 per shift, and charged them even more fees to dance in private rooms. The dancers were paid no salary and earned tips that they then weren’t allowed to keep. The club forced them to share their tips with the bouncers, D.J.s and other club employees, effectively using their tips to help support the whole club. The club also charged the dancers ridiculous fines, like $100 for switching their scheduled time with another dancer, and $80 if they were sick, even if they provided the club with a doctor’s note.

The club eventually settled the lawsuit.

In the Sentinel article, Jones says the kids he coaches don’t know about his employment at the strip club.

Jones is one of a bloc of three candidates for School Board who are endorsed by the Grand Junction Area Chamber of Commerce, the Mesa County Republican Party and the far right extremist group “Stand for the Constitution.” The other two candidates are Angela Lema and Andrea Haitz.

Instagram post from Fantasy Strip Club, where school board candidate Will Jones works

Instagram post by Fantasy strip club

Instagram post by Fantasy strip club












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  10 comments for “Mesa County GOP, G.J. Area Chamber of Commerce and “Stand for the Constitution” all endorse candidate for School Board who works at a strip club

  1. Righteous indignation against a man that works two jobs to support his family, is well known as a coach and father, right up your ally Ann. Amazing how people that respect their rights guaranteed by the US Constitution, chose to support candidates that want schools to get back to focusing on students and not ideology (D51 schools in the bottom 20% in math and ELA) are labeled right wing extremists. So if one
    Believes in free speech ✔️
    Believes in Freedom of Religion ✔️
    Believes in the 2nd Ammendment ✔️
    Believes in securing the borders ✔️
    Believes government is by the people for the people ✔️
    Believe elected officials are accountable to those that elect them ✔️
    Believes in free fair transparent elections✔️

    I could go on but I think you get the drift! Well then I am pretty sure a majority of the residents of this valley would therefore fit the definition of right wing extremists.
    The bigger question is what does that make you?

    • What does it make them?
      Someone who thinks a member of the School Board should have more qualifications than just overseeing lap dances.

    • Anne didn’t spend six years bouncing at a strip club while coaching Grand Valley youths while hiding the fact. You defend it. What does that make you?

    • still looking for the psalm that contains the following:

      republicans can ejaculate over (images of) a stripper’s tits because a jew was murdered at golgotha.

  2. I have already decided on the school board election thanks to your other Blog messages so I will comment on a tangent that you mentioned and that is the treatment of the dancers by this club.

    Do these women live locally or do they travel a circuit? Do these women consider themselves dancers of the dance called, “Striptease?” Have these women dancers ever joined a dancers’ union and would membership in a union have prevented the unfair treatment that this local club implemented?

  3. The right wing candidates are attached to a strip club, an extremist protestant church in Orchard Mesa and a Jews for Jesus church in Fruita. Which is more dangerous to society? What a combination!

  4. Maybe he’ll institute special field trips to Fantasy if he’s elected. Instead of Sex Ed Classes, we’ll just get these kids some lap dances.

  5. This is deplorable. But Sarah Palin is way worse. Everything she says and does. Way way worse.

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