All Tina’s court appearances, all in one place – 12/2022 edition

Tina Peters’ Mesa County Court docket as of December 7, 2022

Curious when Tina Peters’ next court hearing is, and what it’s about?

Above is her court docket as of 12/7/2022, with the court dates, type of hearing, and case numbers. Descriptions of each case number are added for clarity. Her docket is subject to change at any time, and it often does. Her docket information can be accessed by going to the Mesa County Court Docket Search page and entering Tina’s first and last names.

Tina Peters’ mugshot for her arrest on 3/9/2022

The trial in the case her ex-husband filed against Tina over her allegedly stealing his house was previously scheduled for December 19, but the trial is now off the docket. Instead, the only appearance scheduled for this case is a “telephone conference” at 8:30 a.m. on 1/12/23, which could indicate settlement negotiations are ongoing in that case.

There’s a good chance her criminal trial will commence as planned in March, since she continues to deny she’s done anything illegal.

Courtroom 12 is Judge Gretchen Larson’s courtroom.

Courtroom 2 is Judge Bruce Raaum’s courtroom.

Courtroom 9 is Judge Matthew Barrett’s courtroom.

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  1. The defendant’s pay-me-for-being-an-embarrassment-to-Mesa-county freeloader salary will soon end. Then taxpayer-funded room and board with no view will begin. Every dollar nut-case conspiracists have spent on her defense is a dollar less they have for ARs and Patriot clown suits.

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