Residential trash services vary widely in cost

City of Grand Junction garbage truck

Thinking of shopping for a new residential trash service? There may be good reason.

Republic Services recently bought Monument Waste and Rocky Mountain Sanitation, but the consolidation of the companies reduced competition and did NOT result in lower prices for customers.

The following prices are for one 96 gallon can, picked up once a week in the 81505 zip code, in 2023:

Waste Management ….. $40.74/month

Republic Services ….. $43.56/month for the first year, plus a $50.00 deposit, plus $15 to deliver the can, and after the first year the rate increases to $48.00/month

City of Grand Junction trash service ….. $19.75/month, and they supply the can.

There is a privately owned service called 970 Trash Wizard, but their routes are full and they aren’t currently accepting new customers.

The City of Grand Junction only services residences inside City limits, but they are by far the most efficient, with one operator driving an automated truck that hoists, empties and replaces each can automatically, without any wear and tear on a human being. The City is also implementing a new residential recycling service as well, phasing it in area by area, which will allow customers to recycle plastics #1, #2 and #5, as well as fibers like newspaper, clean cardboard, magazines and egg cartons, all for no extra cost for trash customers.

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  1. I had Republic for several years. Each billing cycle I was getting charged another surcharge of 13.00. I finally called and asked why. Told them I was wanting to close my account. That’s when I was told they would reduce my billing for 19.99 a month. That’s was a discount of 20.00. So I asked why wasn’t I notified that the rates are lower. He said because I hadn’t called. In other words they would have kept raising the rates and as long as I paid them they wouldn’t say a word. Rates aren’t on their
    website either.
    I shut down the account after they charged me for a can pickup, pro-rated until the end of the month, which was another 100.00. So all the seniors that think the company will be fare knowing they are seniors had better be calling and changing companies because Republic doesn’t care.

  2. Any way to easily cancel Republic Services? I have spent almost an hour and a half just trying to get someone on the phone to cancel my service. They keep disconnecting me.

  3. I have Republic. It used to be the purple guys. But I just wanted to say that my account is auto-pay of $71.02 for 3 months. I will be moving trash companies if they raise mine that high but it’s not at the moment.

    • Call and see if they will reduce your rates. They don’t let you know they have lower rates, nor is it on their website.

  4. Vicki waste Management does to pick up recyclables here in Grand Junction Colorado which is considered Mesa County here in Colorado.Your comment is misleading because you said that they do not do it. My friend My neighbor Juan who lives in my neighborhood drives one of their big trucks that they use to pickup peoples recyclables.If you would like me to go over and talk to him for you I will do it on Tuesday if you’d like. Apparently you did not realized that they do come around every so often to empty people recyclables. Because i’ve actually have seen them do it for people.

    • Michael,

      Those of us who live outside the city limits don’t have a choice but to pay more, because we do not have access to the City of Grand Junction trash collection service.

  5. We take our recycling down to WM on Winters St. in the old industrial part of town, soon to be re-invented I’m sure. Sundays are dead quiet and you can go do the right thing in peace and quiet.

  6. We take our recycling down to WM on Winters St. in the old industrial part of town, which I suppose will soon be gone.
    Sundays are dead quiet down there and you can just do the right thing in peace and quiet.

  7. We’re going to cancel Republic this week. We found a company, Humpty Dumpster, that seems reasonable. No recycling but I don’t mind driving to the land fill every couple weeks. Great article, Anne!

  8. Off the rails here but am wondering if you will do any investigation into non colored TRASH in this town, such as the White Supremist /groups. Looking into their activities this time as campaign issues heat up.

  9. I went with Big Foot Rolloff, who now is also a residential trash company. He even showed up with his new trash truck a couple of weeks ago, instead of using his personal truck and trailer. He has done a great job and costs me less than Republic.

  10. Unfortunately, WM does not offer recycling services and if you want that, and are out of city limits, you have to go with Republic.

    • Hello Vicki I just wanted you to know that Waste Management does pick up peoples recyclables or so I have seen them driving around my neighborhood with their big truck. My neighbor Juan drives one of their big trucks that picks up some peoples recyclables. As long as you live in Mesa County Colorado which consists of the Grand Junction Colorado area Now if your outside of GJ city limits i’m sure they can still come by and pick them up for you. Now if you are asking me if they charge money the answer is yes and im sure that if you have them for a trash removal company already they probably add it to your tash bill.But I can talk to my neighbor Juan if you’d like me to and I can ask him that question for you if you’d like me too.But I take some of my own recyclables to them myself that way I won’t have to pay them money to come and get them for me.I ve done lots of recycling with them in the past just to let you know as a friend not an enemy okey. No hard feelings.

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