Tina Peters sues to overturn her $15,400 campaign finance violation fine

Tina Peters in a November 2, 2023 video posted on YouTube

Tina Peters filed a lawsuit (pdf) November 8 against Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold to overturn the $15,400 campaign finance violation fine an administrative law judge levied against her on October 4, 2023, claiming the fine is “unfair” and that it has “irreparably injured” her.

The Court fined her for soliciting donations to run for re-election as Mesa County Clerk in 2021-2022 without having first filed the necessary paperwork with the state that requires she report the money she raised and spent on her campaign. The fine pertained to Tina’s campaign for County Clerk that she dropped out of in 2022 to run for Colorado Secretary of State instead. Tina lost the primary election for that seat to her Republican competitor by 14 percentage points, but she is telling people in interviews that she won that election.

Tina’s attorney, Scott Gessler, filed the lawsuit against Griswold on her behalf.  Gessler, a former Republican Colorado secretary of state who unsuccessfully defended himself against an ethics complaint while in office, recently defended Trump in a lawsuit brought in Colorado by Citizens for Ethics and Responsibility in Washington (CREW), a group that is arguing that Trump is disqualified to hold office under the 14th Amendment, a provision of which bars people from holding elected office who have taken an oath to defend the country and then engaged in insurrection against the U.S. government. That suit is attempting to keep Trump off Colorado’s ballot in 2024.

In her lawsuit against Griswold, Tina claims the judge who levied the fine against her did not have the proper jurisdiction, that he ruled she had violated Colorado campaign finance laws instead of ethics laws, and that his findings were “improper.”

Peters had 35 days from the date of the Court’s ruling to file an appeal.

  5 comments for “Tina Peters sues to overturn her $15,400 campaign finance violation fine

  1. Only my opinion, no data to back it up, but my guess is the #1 reason MC voters rejected any idea of extending term limits was two words: tina. peters.

    • Yeah it’s a bummer though. Term limits had nothing to do with Tina Peters. She was eligible for a second term but withdrew from the race to focus on her quixotic SOS run.

      • Yes, but our local news reported that had term limits passed, Tina would have been returned to her job and we would’ve been stuck with Tina Peters for another two years.

      • However, if term limits had passed, our local news reported Tina Peters would be back on the job for two more years. Yikes!!

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