Mesa County Clerk stumbles onto 500+ uncounted ballots from 2019 city/county election

Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters, who was elected despite having zero experience as a government clerk.

The Daily Sentinel reports that when Mesa County Clerk employees went out to collect the early Democratic primary election ballots from the silver box in front of the County building downtown, they found more than 500 ballots from last year’s election sitting inside, unopened and uncounted.

I hate to say it, but…

I told you so.

Back in June, 2018 I wrote a blog about the candidates running for County Clerk that year. I pointed out that Tina Peters had absolutely zero experience in the clerk’s office, while the other candidate, Bobbie Gross, was a ten year veteran of the County Clerk’s office in charge of the entire DMV and its employees, had co-directed the 2016 presidential election in Mesa County, was a Certified Elections Official and was about to become a Certified National Elections Administrator by the end of 2018.

The choice was clear.

So who did Mesa County voters elect?

Why, the person with zero experience, of course.


Because that’s Mesa County.

My guess is Peters was able to win because her red and white yard signs were a dog whistle to Mesa County voters that she was politically the hardest right wing candidate.

Well, Mesa County, you get what you vote for, and now Ms. Peters’ inexperience is coming home to roost. Leaving all those ballots behind in the box and failing to count them was the exact equivalent of putting them in the trash.

Mesa County voters deserve to have their ballots counted without fail in every single election. Period. No excuses.

Tina Peters has lost the confidence of voters and should resign immediately, and the Clerk’s office needs to move on to figuring out how to start restoring  confidence in its ability to function properly.



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  1. This is a direct result of single party rule in the county. Party hacks and loyalists are given a turn at the public trough, qualifications be damned. While her office burned to the ground the esteemed Clerk was out of town attending a political rally.

  2. That location is where I always drop my ballot…was mine one of the ballots not counted? I agree, Tina Peters should resign immediately. They say it would not have changed the outcome of the election but how are we to have any confidence that that is the case? Just another example of Republicans playing fast and loose with the elections. So many of the young folks we are trying to convince that their vote counts and they should vote many be right, at least locally. Maybe we need to re-do the whole election?

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