Just how BAD of a candidate is Lauren Boebert for 3rd Congressional District House Representative?

Lauren Boebert, Republican candidate for CD-3, is such a far right extremist that she said she hopes “QAnon is real” (Youtube)

Lauren Boebert such a terrible Republican candidate for CD-3 that the Grand Junction Area Chamber of Commerce has refused to endorse her.

You have to understand how the Grand Junction Area Chamber works in order to fully grasp how momentous this non-endorsement is.

Even the Tea Party Chamber doesn’t like Boebert.

Under Diane Schwenke, its president of the last 30 years, the G.J. Area Chamber in 2012 became a politically far right wing tea-party group that portrays itself as a champion of small business, while they actually put their political effort into lobbying for the big businesses that pony up their highest membership fees of $7,000/year.

This makes for some weird actions by the Chamber.

The Chamber has endorsed criminals for city council, they’ve endorsed people who can’t write a coherent sentence for school board, and they even endorsed a dental hygienist for Drainage Board who’d lived here 2 years, moved here from San Diego and couldn’t tell a drainage ditch from an irrigation ditch over a candidate who’d served on Palisade Town Council for 8 years, been mayor pro-tem, sat on the 5-2-1 Drainage Authority Board, sat on the Colorado Municipal League’s Executive Board for 6 years, had attended seminars on wastewater management and subscribed to periodicals about drainage just for fun. Why? Because the lady from San Diego opposed a fee the drainage district sought to fund much-needed updating of the valley’s troubled, outdated drainage system.

Republicans only in the OGREs Club

Diane Mistch Bush, the Democratic candidate for CD-3, Diane E. Mitsch Bush is a retired professor of sociology who served as a County Commissioner and was a member of the Colorado House of Representatives. She is such a good candidate that the Chamber refused to endorse her.

The G.J. Chamber is a gatekeeper for Mesa County’s Old Guard Republican Establishment (OGREs). The only thing that matters to the Grand Junction Chamber is that candidates they endorse have an “R” after their names and oppose every single tax or fee ever proposed, unless it’s for one of their bonehead projects like the North Avenue name change, the Downtown Events Center, the Riverside Parkway Zig Zag Project, the Brady Trucking Rezone, large-scale gambling in Mesa County or other losing ideas they’ve floated.

The Chamber would endorse a 2 day-old pile of dog doo for elected office if it had an “R” after its name. And if someone stepped up to run for local office who was a descendant of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Mother Teresa combined, had six advanced degrees and decades of public service under their belt but was a Democrat, the Chamber wouldn’t touch them with a 50 foot pole.

But the Chamber decided NOT to endorse whip-snortin’, gun-totin’, right-wing slogan-spewing, small business owner Lauren Boebert.

That’s Pretty. Damn. Bad.

(Or should we say “good”?)

Who does the Chamber really serve? The big local businesses who pay their highest dues — $7,000/year, or the secret big businesses who contribute thousands to the Chamber’s “social welfare” dark money group, the Western Colorado Business Alliance.

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  1. And it is rhetoric like this article that fuel the political and human divide in this country, characterizing the “other side” as illegitimate, crazy, or what-have-you. It begins and ends with the left, with democrats and with anyone, like you, who promulgates this kind of hate speech. YOU and this kind of rhetoric is exactly why things happened at the U.S. Capitol that they did. You spent 4 years of the Trump Administration fueling this till it boiled over yet want to sit back and point the finger at Trump and his supporters. American politics has reached an all-time low and anyone, like you, who supports doing this stuff or participates in it is just as low. You should be ashamed of yourself for writing this kind of garbage, you are NOT a real reporter, just trifling others with your filthy opinions. This isn’t news, people like Walter Cronkite would roll in their graves at stuff like this. YOU and this kind of rhetoric are why this country is in a tailspin.

    • So Dick,

      Pray tell, exactly what did you find so offense. Please be specific. It appears that everything said is TRUE. No rightwing lies here. Don’t like an opposite view?. Get well!

  2. Hello Anne. I’m unable to find an email contact for you. I live in Hotchkiss and Los Angeles. A Grand Jct man named Deandre Rogers was found “hung” on Sept 21st. No one is reporting about it. I’m emailing the DCI, Daily Sentinel, KVNF and The Denver Post. I would like his family to have the opportunity to share their story and spread the word for his gofundme.

    Thank you,


  3. My tv mute button is almost worn out from silencing LR’ s ads. Your writing is entertaining, but more importantly, enlightening. Thank you for the voting guide. Can’t wait to deposit my ballot in the box Monday morning.

  4. Good one again. CC detrimental to the area in my opinion.

    Thanks for the voters guide. Total agreement. Wolves too.

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