Tina Peters: Judge and D.A. are “very, very evil,” and “don’t follow the same God that we do”

In a talk in El Paso County on August 29 to an audience of election-deniers, indicted Republican Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters quoted the Bible, called her legal troubles “a spiritual battle” and praised her multi-millionaire benefactor, My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell, saying,

“Lindell has paid for many of our legal challenges, you know, and their end goal for me, and I’m just going to be really frank and really serious for a minute, is to put me in prison.” 

Peters added,

“That is what they want. … I’ve got such an — I can’t even think of a word beyond ‘egregious”– judge, [and] when my chief deputy just made a deal, he was just sorry that she didn’t have to serve prison time.

They’re coming after me, and you know, Mike Lindell and the Legal Offense Fund, you know, these attorneys are not cheap, you know, they have they put a lot of hours [in] ….

Peters again told the audience she “won’t back down, won’t give up” and “won’t give in,” and described her situation as a religious fight of good against evil. She portrayed District Attorney Dan Rubinstein as demonic, and said the D.A. and Judge Matthew Barrett are “very, very evil” people who “don’t follow the same god that we do”:

“And so, it’s really serious, you know, with God’s help, with all of you, we’re gonna get through this. I won’t back down, I won’t give up and I won’t give in, but it is a very real. These people are evil, very, very evil, and I mean I’ve seen the demon in the D.A.’s eyes, and I’ll just say that right on public TV, you know, these people are evil, and they don’t follow the same God that we do.

They don’t follow the same moral and ethics that we do. And so this is a spiritual battle and ‘fight, not against flesh and blood,’ right? ‘But against principalities and powers in high places,’ and they’ve held these places for quite some time, and so we need to, we need to stay in prayer, we need to put our talent, our treasure our and energy where we can, because we are on the front lines. We are going to keep pressing forward for you. We love you.”

  13 comments for “Tina Peters: Judge and D.A. are “very, very evil,” and “don’t follow the same God that we do”

  1. The applicable medical term is “Vespertilio cacas insanus.” Or, in the King’s English, “Bat shit crazy.”

  2. She sounds crazy, kind of like Trump. Delusional really. At one point, I heard that there were several states in which things like what Tina did happened, and that these were part of a larger conspiracy. I haven’t heard anything else about that, I guess more important stuff has happened, like Trump stealing and concealing Top Secret documents from The White House.

  3. She was caught red-handed in lawless behavior several times. There is divine justice and mercy. It’s not clear whether her loyalty is to lawlessness or faithful service…

  4. I’m having trouble here. If Tina is a true Christian, then how can she believe that another god is controlling the D.A. and the Judge?
    1 Corinthians 8:6 Yet for us there is one God, the Father, from whom are all things and for whom we exist, and one Lord, Jesus Christ, through whom are all things and through whom we exist.

  5. This is the vision that the Nationalist Christians have for our society, one where you declare your love for God and you are absolved of ant wrongdoing. I for one oppose these apostates with all my being and look forward to the day when they bring Tina back to court from prison to answer for using forged documents to sell her ex-husbands house and gets additional fraud and forgery convictions.

  6. Convicted by her own words. All this unloving judging of the hearts of others reveals exactly which “God” she follows. Oh, snap.

  7. Peters is describing what a government under Trump and their god would be like. President Biden’s call last night or action against the enemies of Democracy has never rung so true. Will we have a government by Trump and d Peters’ own special god or a government By and For the People?

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