“Mesa County Concerned Citizen” fraudulently promotes $182 ripoff box of common OTC items as an “early and effective treatment of COVID-19”

Screen-shot from a January 6, 2022 email sent out by Mesa County Concerned Citizen in which the group links to this box of every day drug store items selling online that claims to be an “early and effective treatment for Covid-19.”  The box sells for $160.00 plus $20 shipping and $12.37 tax, for a total of $182.36 — all for about $60 worth of over-the-counter items.

In its January 3, 2022 email blast, the local extreme right wing group “Mesa County Concerned Citizen” included a plug for “The Defense Box,” an item selling online that contains about $60 worth of common over-the counter items like Pepcid, Listerine, Vitamin C and baby aspirin, that costs $182.36, including shipping and tax.

The group says the items are an “early and effective treatment option” for Covid-19.

None of the items in the box are approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for the treatment, prevention, mitigation or cure of Covid-19.

The ripoff scheme is aimed at poorly-informed people in our area who are unclear about what really minimizes transmission of the coronavirus: behaviors like masking, physical distancing and avoiding indoor crowds (all of which are free), and what really works to keep people who get the virus out of hospitals, emergency rooms and intensive care units: Covid-19 vaccines (which are also free).

As we have  seen, some local businesses are trying to profit from the pandemic by hawking dietary supplements they fraudulently infer will treat, prevent or mitigate Covid-19. Others who are promoting ripoff items like the “Defense Box” are leveraging widespread fear of the virus to bilk money from poorly-informed people, those most susceptible to misinformation and those who are least likely to be covered by health insurance coverage.


  7 comments for ““Mesa County Concerned Citizen” fraudulently promotes $182 ripoff box of common OTC items as an “early and effective treatment of COVID-19”

  1. With 908 new cases reported on the Health Department website yesterday, these things should be flying off the shelves!

  2. Annie:
    How do you know this is a right wing extremist group? And so what if they want to advertise some Covid preventatives? I vaguely remember you hawking day after pills to kill the unborn- something that I am pretty sure is much more dangerous. And last I checked you’re not a MD either. It’s a free country- anyone can pedal anything- right- and NO one is forcing anyone to buy it- don’t be a rube, or should I say a “Karen”

    • Kiah, abortion is a choice that affects only a woman’s life, it is one person’s choice and medication abortions have proven to be very safe. Covid-19 is the opposite…it’s a virus the transmissibility of which has dire effects on entire communities, and the entire country.

  3. The famous philosopher, Forrest Gump, once said “Stupid is as stupid does”, meaning
    a person’s lack of intelligence may be judged by their actions.

    • Hi Reba.
      I agree with Forrest. He could have elaborated that apparently stupid actions may also come from greed, as in the case of those who hawk Covid-45 “care packs.”

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