Ray Scott trounced in Republican Assembly

Ray Scott

Republican State Senator Ray Scott got only 107 out of 349 total delegate votes cast for County Commissioner in yesterday’s Mesa County Republican Assembly. Scott, who is running for the District 1 commissioner seat, is seeking to abandon his state senate seat halfway through his term and seize the job of County Commissioner instead, which would pay him three times as much ($30k vs. $90k/ year).

Scott got crushed at the assembly by Cody Davis, former chair of the Grand Valley Drainage District, who won 231 votes. Even with that miserable result, though, Scott will still be able to appear on the primary ballot in June.

Scott, a climate change denier known for fighting renewable energy and wanting to take the state back to the last century, called Davis “an inexperienced candidate,” even though Scott remains a stalwart supporter of President Trump, the first person elected to the U.S. presidency with zero prior experience in government and whose ignorance, inexperience, bogus claims about potential cures for COVID-19 and inability to grasp the gravity of the Corona virus pandemic has cost American lives and cost the country precious time in containing it.

Got competence?

The Mesa County Republican Party sure doesn’t. It has the market cornered on lying, time-wasting, ethical violations, outright law-breaking and lost more.

To get an idea of the long, crazy, embarrassing, incompetent history of the Mesa County Republicans, for fun enter the following search terms in Google, one by one, and see what pops up:

“Janet Rowland” bestiality  [Mesa County Commissioner]

“Janet Rowland” plagiarism
“Craig Meis” ticket fix  [Mesa County Commissioner] “Jared Wright” loaded handgun  [State Representative] “Jared Wright” fired
“Laura Bradford” drunk driving  [State Representative] “Rose Pugliese” global warming [Mesa County Commissioner]

“Steve King” embezzlement fraud [State Senator]

“Rick Brainard” assault arrest [City Councilman]

“Duncan McArthur” drunk driving (G.J. City Councilman)

Scott McInnis plagiarism (County Commissioner, Former Congressman)

Reford Theobold Ten Commandments shoplifting [former Mayor of Grand Junction]

“Ray Scott” double dip

…and that’s just some of the problem.

The GOP’s decades-long, sordid track record of incompetence in Mesa County looks set to continue unless voters start voting for people other than the usual Republican “retreads” for office, like Janet Rowland and Ray Scott.

Mesa County GOP got their website wrong in a recent press release, leading readers to a “404 Not Found” page. (The “a” in “Mesa” was missing.)


The Mesa County GOP misspelled the word “Energy,” in big letters, on their website (Screen shot taken 2/26/2020).


The incompetence of Mesa County Republican leadership has become legendary.




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  1. Virtually every Republican has allowed greed and political ambition to turn them into a know nothing who enables a president that harms Americans and threatens the world. Eventually most of the GOP will abandon the president when it becomes expedient to do so.

    Maybe not Ray “Dark Ages” Scott. “I was Trump before Trump,” this chronic “public servant” has boasted. He doesn’t know that Prius drivers don’t have to plug in. But
    he can sniff out a multi-thousand dollar Dark Money bundle of cash that smells like oil and gas.

    Banana Republicans are just humans, and Democrats can be selfish and greedy, as well. It’s just that the BGOP has perfected their perfidy. Let’s retire them from public service.

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