Republican Mesa County Commissioner Cody Davis publicly pulls his support for Rep. Lauren Boebert. Better late than never, Cody, but come on…

Commissioner Cody Davis’ Facebook post from yesterday, saying he can no longer support Lauren Boebert

In a remarkable show of common sense unusual in a Mesa County Republican, County Commissioner Cody Davis yesterday posted on his Facebook page that “I can no longer support Lauren Boebert for Congress, and here’s why. Our voters in Mesa County and along the West Slope deserve leaders and representatives who uphold our values.”

He continued, “How can I criticize Democrats for their moral shortcomings if I’m blind to the shortcomings of my own side?”

Okay, great, Cody. Better late than never to emerge as the most rational member of the Board of Mesa County Commissioners.

But it’s worth noting that Commissioner Davis didn’t yank his support for Boebert last July after she trashed a lapel pin representing a child who was massacred at the Robb Elementary School mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas.

He didn’t pull his support for her after she lied to her constituents about missing the debt ceiling vote last June.

He didn’t criticize Boebert after she mocked the tragic death of a young woman who was accidentally killed on a movie set by Alec Baldwin with a prop gun that had been loaded with a live round instead of a blank.

Cody Davis didn’t disavow support for Lauren Boebert after she made fun of the accidental death of cinematographer Halayna Hutchins on the set of Alec Baldwin’s movie Rust

Davis didn’t speak up about Boebert’s behavior after she portrayed Western Colorado as a backwards, redneck hillbilly paradise on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives, to the great embarrassment of western Colorado residents after Stephen Colbert broadcast it nationally.

Davis didn’t pull his support for Boebert after Kremlin state TV praised her for refusing to stand and acknowledge Ukrainian President Zelensky.

Davis didn’t disavow his support for her after she admitted that she didn’t know what “wanton killing” meant.

He didn’t yank his support for Boebert after she said banning assault weapons will make people eat dogs “because that’s what happened in Venezuela.”

Davis didn’t yank support for Boebert after she voted against a bill to re-authorize the U.S. to continue fighting human sex trafficking.

He didn’t denounce her after she voted against a bill to protect Americans’ right to contraceptives, or after she voted against a bill to help Americans access baby formula.

Davis didn’t say one word after Boebert declared she was “tired of this separation of church and state junk,” or after she touted “replacement theory,” the white supremacist conspiracy theory increasingly behind mass shootings, or after she lied and took credit for the achievements of Democrats.

Davis didn’t pull his support from Boebert after she was listed as a participant in the January 6 insurrection,

…or after she openly insulted Jews visiting the U.S. Capitol, or made homophobic comments about Transportation Secretary Pete Butigieg for taking parental leave to care for his prematurely-born newborn twins, or after she used a bigoted joke to disparage a Democratic colleague.

None of that — none of it — bothered Cody Davis enough to pull his support for her.

Cody Davis didn’t disavow support for Boebert after she said a ban on assault weapons would make people eat dogs

But her rude behavior at a theater was more than he could stand.

Word is Colorado House Rep. Rick Taggart (R), State Sen. Janice Rich (R), Rep. Matt Soper (R) and Mesa County Commissioner Janet Rowland (R) are all on the fence about whether or not to pull their support from Boebert, saying things like they’re “praying on what the right decision might be” or that Boebert “needs the ability to ask forgiveness and take ownership.”


Better late than never, Cody, for sure. But those of us who can grasp the totality of this situation can also see how very, very messed up the morals of Mesa County Republican elected officials really are.

Republican Mesa County Commissioner candidate Cody Davis, shown trespassing on the Grand Valley Canal bank in one of his campaign TV ads



  11 comments for “Republican Mesa County Commissioner Cody Davis publicly pulls his support for Rep. Lauren Boebert. Better late than never, Cody, but come on…

  1. Here is my email I just sent to our 3 county commissioners regarding Barbie doll trailer Boebert…
    Well you Republicans getting a little scared that the Barbie doll trailer trash Boebert is going to lose? Hell yes she is going to lose because you can’t fix ignorant and deplorable and stupid? Only thing that got her elected in first place was her shiny white teeth and the fact that Republicans have a huge majority in our district! But after the 2nd election in 2022 her own party voters voted for the sensible candidate in Adam Frisch! So maybe you can fix some of the stupid in the Republican voter base? Then after her last outing at the Beetlejuice event where she was dressed like an escort(rumors that she did dabble in that line of work once?) on a Saturday night or more like a cheap hooker with her push up bra and saggy boobs hanging out(she has had what 4 kids) and a Grandma too that she is real proud of her son knocking up a 15 year old(same age she got knocked up-once again can’t fix stupid). Anyway her ignorance and support of the sociopath, pathological liar,racist and sexist Trump is beyond belief! I just figured she screwed him or gave him a blow job, probably both. The Republican party continues to amaze as the party of family values and law and order! I won’t even go off on the despicable Tina Peters, another Trump enabler, but can’t wait for her trial and hope she gets at least 10 years which will probably allow her to live out her last days of her despicable life in an orange jumpsuit.
    Sad thing is that in Mesa county you knuckleheads will put any whack job or criminal on the ballot and have the “R” being their name and they get elected only because you have more registered voters not because they are the most qualified! The Mesa county school board is another “fine” example. The Republican party used to have sensible candidates but with the arrival of Charles Manson the 2nd(Trump) the party has sold its souls to him. He is no more than a used car salesman peddling his snake oil to all those ignorant and deplorables.Really sad, really pathetic.

  2. What’s all this nonsense about Republicans having the “solutions for human flourishing?” That will be the day that anyone needs to be lectured by a freaking Republican about what it takes to flourish in life. Have you taken a look at your front-runners lately? Cody Davis should be embarrassed by his total lack of awareness of his party and himself.

  3. Good lord, this virtue-signaling is about as nauseatingly stupid as the right-wing fraction of Christian rubes he’s trying to convince of having suddenly grown a conscience. Jesus Christ himself might weep at such disingenuous preaching by such an ignominious and dull-eyed politician.

    Seems like this wavering stance might also alienate some of his own hardcore MAGA supporters, not unlike the path of self-destruction the greater GOP is currently on. Let’s not forget, Cody rode this pale horse right into office…and once you follow Death to the ballot box, you deserve whatever Hell comes next. But it’s pretty clear he’s starting to worry for his political future. Because only a fool would make such a faustian bargain to begin with, then pathetically try to break fealty on moral grounds when already damned from endorsing the devil. Godspeed buddy!

  4. Oh my, this drips of irony on so many levels they are clueless to..

    This packing barfly was recruited for her lewd drama as their best qualifying candidate and now Cody is incensed by her values, Oh really? That amazes me! And as for Ms. Rowland who righteously triumphs rules, policies and by the book (her playbook) approach, she STILL endorses this moron!
    To all of the current Commissioners, your fake values are showing and you may want to tuck that —- back in, but too late it is obvious what you are made of.

  5. My guess is that Mr. Davis thinks that Boebert’s Buell Theater performance will tip the scales in favor of her competitor and he has someone in mind to primary her.

  6. As Rachel would say, “Watch what they do, not what they say!” Seems to me to be a lot of hot air. I wonder what the motivation for it really is!

    As far as I am concerned, if they own the label, Republican, I can’t trust them as far as I can spit! They don’t have Conservative values. They have no values at all. I have long hoped for a new “Conservative” Party that focuses on those values and looks for solutions to problems through that lens. At the very least, it would be possible to have a productive dialog!

    Our body politic is like a single parent trying to be both mother and father and not doing very well at either. The Republican Party is like the deadbeat parent trying to deny they ever had anything to do with the birth of the baby, our democracy. Even suggesting it’s someone else’s child. Makes me want to smack some sense into them!

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